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Query regarding medication


Hello I was diagnosed with diabetes February this year. With HBA1C of 11.7 and FBS 223 and PP299 after talking Glycomet GP1 for 3 months my FBS is around 95-115 mg/dg and PP is 130-160. I take glycomet GP1 twice daily. Morning before breakfast and before dinner. Should I minimise the dose or should I continue. Please suggest.

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You need to consult a specialist!!

What is your latest HbA1C?

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As of today my weight is 69 kg. Height 5feet 8 inches. I have made tremendous change in my diet. Had completely stopped sugar products. Potatoes and soda drinks. I do excercise at least 1 hour daily. I believe the A1C is lower now since it's been more than 3 monts since I last did my A1C TEST.

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by low carbohydrate diet and aerobic exercise in initial stages.




Your readings are good. You are in right direction. For long term benefits reduce your carb intakes.

Good luck

Although your FBS and PP are reasonably good, it may go up if you reduce the dose. First, do a HbA1C test and consult your diabetologist to find out whether you can reduce your dose. But looks hopeful for reduction of medication combined with good diet and exercise.

Glycomet has glimeperide .. it kills pancreas slowly .. try to have low carb diet.

Glycomet doesn't have gilimepride. Both are separate medicines. Please recheck...

Consult your doctor

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