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Birthday Wishes Thank You! :-)

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Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day/evening so far.

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and the posting that rvmasalvad had posted for my birthday yesterday. I appreciate them very much! :-)

The picture with this posting is part of what we had last night for dinner/birthday party. It's gluten free pasta with salmon, asparagus (cut up), sundried tomatoes (2 small ones), side salad with dressing and small piece of gluten free cake and small amount of ice cream. Everything was wonderful even though we are still in lockdown here, too. :-)

Everyone stay safe and healthy! :-)

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Thank you Leah ! Once again May God bless you and you live a healthy and happy life ! πŸ™

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Thank you for that one, namaha! :-) I appreciate it.

Are you having a good day so far?


Hi Leah I'm so glad that you enjoyed your birthday as you have lots of friends on here and are appreciated.

You enjoy the rest of your day now, 🌈😊

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Thank you for that! :-)

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