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5 weeks back i have checked my sugar levels on a random tests ..fasting 119 and after eating shows that 167. i have decrease my diet for 2 weks and drinking 2 glass of methi seeds water. now again my readings shows that 120 after eating .. what does it mean ? can u guide me please guide and let me know what lab test are good to check my antire body level of sugar .....i have adoubt whether i have sugar or not ? please guide me

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  • Sir first you to tell your age.If are above 60 this reading is ok but get your blood test in the lab for FBS AND PPBS,lipiprofile,serum creatinine, TSH, HBAC1.The sugar level does not remain constant it varies lit bit contine take methi seeds soaked in water early morning along with karela/jamun juice you try for 15 days check your bs you will find the results.Please donot get perturbed once diognised as diabetic it can be controlled can be cured. Please consult your family physician.

  • thanks vijen

  • my age is 32

  • You are not diabetic yet, you are prediabetic. You can still ward off this menace by simple changes in your diet ,excercise vitamins & minerals

  • can this pre diabatic can be removed from my body? please suggest i am in panic my age 32 weight 104. working as a soft ware professional

  • For three weeks you have to fast Carbs completely. This will give rest to you pancreas and it will Rejuvenate and start producing insulin. You can eat eggs, all kinds of meat, all Lentils and vegges. You must excercise daily atleast one hour a day. Take the following Vitamins and Minerals.

    1. Vitamin C 1000 mg I+I+I

    2. B-50 I+I

    3. Chromium 400 mcg I (as Picolinate)

    4. Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg I+I+I

    There is a herb by the name of Gurmar, you can purchase it from any pansari (Herb Shop). You will be require to take two table spoon make green tea after every meal. Every week check your sugar level also let me know. One testy is required and that is HbA1C.

    Best of luck

  • Great to see someone talking about Alpha Lipoic Acid. As per Dr Bernstein, every diabetic should be taking it. Only hypothyroid patients are advised not to take it.

  • No it cannot be cured. From now on you can only manage it and easiest is to switch to Low Carb High Fat diet.

  • Dear medfree,I ve been reading,ur replies ,comments, they r indeed very helpful, but I ve some queries first tell me from which region or state u are? It will b easy to understand ur diet ? As per lchf don't u take chapti or rice at all? Can I share my medical points on diabetes with u plz?

  • I am from North India currently In Central India. A day back i posted my lunch that I took and PPBS number. Here it is:

    Thumb rule -- Eat everything and anything as long as you count carbs and restrict to 100gms/day. That simplifies the whole thing. For counting carbs search items on

    Obviously since you are restricting Carbs and protein also a diabetic cannot take much as protein also spikes sugar levels only thing that can give energy is FAT. On Low CARBS Saturated fat is great. No one in the world has been able to prove directly that SFA causes CVD/CHD/Choking of brain (someone said even brain gets choked because of eating high fat :D :D ). They have been tying to prove for 6 decades but are unsuccessful so far. I spend day in and day out here trying to repeat same thing that Saturated Fat FAT is HARMLESS.

    One use Nane had posted list of items with Carb/Protein/Fat content for help of others. Basically no one can spoon feed. Basic idea is given and now everyone has to innovate on their diet while counting carbs and restricting it.

  • It cannot be removed.But you can take prcautions that you will not become a diabetic.

  • As per my experience you are going on excellent and continue with your present diet pattern and keep on taking methi seeds water in the morning along with brisk walk for 30 minutes morning as well as in evening. There is nothing else ti worry ---- carry on, good luck.

  • mehta sahab one question arises in my mind every time what this methi seeds actually do, what is the roll of these seeds to decrease sugar level from blood.

    1. does it contains insulin.

    2. or like tablet it attracts pancreas to create insulin.

    please clear these points in short and also many people take bitter gourd juice which is very harm full for kidneys(if taken regularly/every day or in large amount) & the sagiphani ji is taking 2 glasses of methis seeds very strange...please clear as it will help full for me & others also.


    pritpal singh

  • Try this one.

    1. Eat about 50 gms of sweet like 2 pcs of Rasgulla. Rabadi with your normal lunch include roti. Sabji. Rice etc. No additional sugar item. etc.... take a test after 2 hrs. If it is between 120 - 165 you go for the next one.

    2. Next day Eat all above items same quantity but no sweet at all..... take a test after 2 hrs. If it is still over 140 you are a dibetic. No doubt.

  • Early morning take FBS reading. Then just drink 1 glass of water with 75 gms glucose and test every 30 minutes for 2 hrs. During these two hours just sit idle and do nothing (no walk/no exercise) That s enough to decide.

  • Wow !

  • We cannot cureT2DM by just looking at only blood sugar values. High blood sugar is an indicator to show that really cholesterol is low. Here we may need to understand that cholesterol is not same as triglyceride(TG). Clinically 1/5 part of TG is adding to Total Cholesterol. So in order to really come out of T2DM, we need to understand complete lipid profile.

    You are young; pl do not worry about the values; it bound to fluctuate; but go for average reading over a week. Please do not say that my sugar is high also my cholesterol is high with a condition of high triglyceride.

    Fasting sugar and PP sugar should differ by 70 to 75 units; PP should be more than random. The control is how well we get back to normal after sugar go up after an unusual diet.

    Best way to live happily and healthily is that take saturated fats and plant proteins. Please do not get confused with solidified oil/fat as cholesterol; remember that only liver is producing cholesterol; plants do not have liver, so their products cannot contain cholesterol;

    Doctors who recommend low cholesterol diet should have given first advice to get rid of liver before advising low cholesterol food/diet. We should allow our liver to work such a way that it converts saturated fats to cholesterol. By taking more animal fat we are by passing the liver.

    Kindly go through all my previous comments in this blog.

  • Hi sagiphani,

    Immediately go to a laboratory or hospital and get diabetic related tests done. Once your lab results are known then ask for suggestions here. One thing is for sure, you have to follow diabetic rules from now itself.


  • You mean HBA1C? Yes, limiting carbohydrate intake, space between meals, snacks between meals, exercise and weight management are a must!

  • No need to eat 6 times a day when LCHF can do wonders!

  • Is it not better to have LC 6 times a day (does too much fat for too long not have negatives?)

  • LC needs to be taken only 3 meals/day. No Fat is not negative ... if you have carbs restricted at 100gms/day. All that fat hypothesis has long failed. I am on this since 3+ years and no bad impact. Things have only improved. I take no drugs

  • do not worry too much.It is normal with the patient who has been diagnosed as diabetic.If you are taking Ayurveda medicine, then you can also take Madhunashini by Divya Pharmacy

  • You have received tons of good suggestions. However, I'd be confused if I am not explained why to do what? You no doubt need a HBA1C (read up on internet how to apply findings of this blood test) but there is tentative indication you are a potential diabetic. A Glucose Tolerance test will make things clearer for you (read up on internet how to administer). Limiting carbohydrate intake (within 150 gram per day limit), exercise and weight management is critical. Metformin is the safest basic diabetic pill but early and continuous use means in the next ten years you could be injecting insulin because it inhibits insulin production! Lastly, do not fast and do take a 15 g carb snack between breakfast and lunch & another between lunch and dinner...

  • Sugar/glucose is there in everybody's blood. Minimum reading should be 70 (fasting) and ideal maximum post prandial < 140. The data you have given suggests there is promise of reversing or delaying onset. Since 2005 I reversed it twice with diet and exercise, but now my HBA1C is 7.9% (it was 11.6% in January) and I am 61. You are welcome to email me: (may be we can Skype)

  • Your readings are not a failure. You have passed. 167 is a diabetic reading who has control.

  • r u using it ? let me know the advantages of using it

  • thanks ..i dont know the advantages of it . can u let me know the cost of it and how to order it?

  • And what is your take on green tea with tulsi?

  • 167 is diabetic. Cut don CARBS intake.


  • Metformin has its negatives!

  • @ norreal. Can you please elaborate. I take GLUCONORM -G 1 FORTE.

  • Does it will cure diabatic or what is the advantage of it? please explain me .after taking it my body will be free fromdiabatic?

  • I have tried non-caffeine teas (Himalaya, Ramdev). They are useless. Finally settled with Green Tea+ Tulsi from Organic India and I take with lemon added to it. No sugar, no milk. It is really great!

  • Doctor asked to take ALMIN TABS for 6 weeks ? what is the use ?

  • It is for sugar control continue what your doctor says. Continue to take methi seeds As I have said you can add two tea spoons of Nature Karela+jamun juice take it twice day your sugar level will drop

  • Could you have reversed it in five weeks? . You have at least managed it well!

    ( On the basis of data you have given, as per established norms, diabetes is NOT confirmed. Hypothetically, you could be considered pre diabetic i.e. someone who could be diabetic in less than ten years)

    Please take a HBA1C as soon as possible. Next you may like to go for glucose tolerance test. If your HBA1C is 5.6% or less, you do not have diabetes.

  • Hi,

    You need not worry. It is not so serious. It can be controlled with diet restriction. Do not go for medication. Daily do some exercise especially walking and yoga.

  • After the age of 60, according their professional field there can be the chances of mental tension and chances for B/S.. Am 63, I have no ancesstor history 9f of B/S with my family..... but since 2013 Feb.. I have been notified as a B/S patient with above 200 after lunch. since then I started to take Glisen-PMN2 twise in a day as per my family Doctor and controlled the dieting (No Carbo Hydrates)), 2 chappatties or 60-70 Gram brown rice with some Dhal or salads...till now (April 2014), am taking only one tab of Glisen PM-2 one tab in the morning and 2-3 pegs of whysky every evening and working well, Half an hour brisk walik. My Perception is that over imagination and conception is more dangerous, we must have have our confidence and will power, not the dare for a disease....Am not sure, whether am right or not, but it is true to my life, you can do comment on that..thanks..

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