Controlling diabetes

I am of 62 yrs and have been suffering from diabetes for the last 15 yrs.From my own experiance I am of the view that a holistic approach that include regular light exercise,yoga,disciplined routine eating karela,mainthi, jamun,sprout moong,least amount of sugar and minimum dose of prescribed medicine is the best way to keep the diabetes under control and to lead a normal life without any problem.

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  • agreed with some improvement in yoga/mudras.

  • Yes, it is a fact that the point of view is alright. Please advise what yogasanas are required to control the diabetes,

  • Yes, I am also agree.Please give what type of yoga need

  • suryanamaskar is the best. Also anulop vilop pranayam, bastrika, brhamari pranayam is good. Do light yogasanas both in morning & evening

  • I am also 62 yrs old on Insulin therapy since 1995.Diabetes runs in my family..I have kept the peak rise and fall of BG away by keeping my weight (BMI) in strict control and body metabolism regulated by playing regular GOLF about four times a week.. This has enormously helped me to lead a near normal life including enjoying my two chota pegs in the evening.To that extent, I fully endorse Vishwajeet's suggestion.

  • If doing yoga is not possible, walking for 30 minutes nonstop also would give same control,as far as my personal experience goes.

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