Is it true that below 140 in fasting not a matter of concern and no need to take any diabetes controlling pills or insulin?

I was pulling on with sugar around 130 for 15 years but never took any diabetic controlling medicines. I was controlling on diets say avoiding only refined sugar and rice. I was taking all sorts of fruits without any control. Only about 2 months ago it went up to 170 because I got a pneumonia attack and whenever I get any such problem My platelet may go down; sugar may go high. It all happens but becomes normal in a few days without medicine. I never consider myself as diabetic except 2 months back when the Doctor advised me to take Glimulin 1 mg 1-0-1. And my sugar is below 110 most of the days and that too no control of diet.


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  • Fasting glucose should be between 70 and 110.

    140 is full blown diabetes. You can still attempt to control it by keeping your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions of low GI carbs per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate).

    The balance of your diet should be natural, additive free, unprocessed protein and fat foods.

  • many thanks

  • fasting shoulbe under 100 and100 to 130 is glucose intolerence above 135 is diabtic and minimum after 6 houres after fasting then you also post lunch that is after 2 houres after break fast it should be less than 140. 100 to 130 is not daibetic but you prone to daiobetic so either reduce it by diet moderat exercize or if your waiste is above 40 eanches yuo can take metformin after consulting daibetalogyst or doctoir

  • many thanks drquaza

  • When I was attaked by sun stroke in 1975 the Drs @ AIIMS found I am Diabetic. From that day I con trolled sugar. Fasting below 100 post below 150 for the past 10 years. The Drs @ chennai is wonderstruk by my control.

  • How you did? What did you do for pancreas to produce insulin to keep you below 100 fasting and 150 post. thanks

  • good question asked and hope reply will follow. each and every dr has different view. my dr who is best in the locality (ithink) says 90-130 and 140-180 to be maintained. i am reading diff. views of the people, may be most of them will agree on most of restrictions and do n dont's, but readings all over were n now have been different.

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