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Summary of my Blood Sugar readings during last 30 days.

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My contour Plus Apps tracking my blood sugar Readings. The data gets transferred to the Apps through the blue tooth enabled Contour plus Glucometer.

This is the summation of 21 readings including both Fasting & PP taken during last 30 days. The average reading during 30 days comes to 109 mg/dl ( Average of fasting & PP) . The average readings during last 7 days was 101mg/ dl- twice I had less than 80 mg/ dl Fasting. My insulin sensitivity has gone up tremendously forcing me to stop evening exercise to avoid hypo during night. In fact added a snack before bed - 1 banana with 50-60 Makhana's ( fox nuts)

If you recall , around 2 months back , I had posted my HBA1C as 5.8...average blood sugar 120mg/ dl. As reported by Dr Lal path lab...Link below

I keep trying a lot of alternate food recipe within the world of Low Fat Whole plant Food with totally eliminating oil/ Fat/ Animal Fat & Animal Protein from my Diet..which seem to have helped enhancing my Insulin sensitivity 5 times....

So what all Whole plant food I have tried till date? No limit , no carbs counting , no calori counting....only I eat to my Heart content πŸ™‚

(1) Raw Green Salad includes leafy Greens with every meal.- include the ones which you enjoy eating..exclude ones which you don't like or your body does not tolerate...for example I can not take Raw onion , Raw muli ..but many people can tolerate ....

(2) Micro-Green sprouts Raw daily morning Moong / Methi - 1 Serving.. I also take Raw Green Peas.....Raw Baby corn... raw times Raw okra..Raw Capsicum,....

(3) Fruits - 1 Serving daily with 3 main, Guava, Papaya, Kiwi, strawberry, Banana, plum, cherry

(4) Parboiled Basmati Brown Rice with Dal during lunch & Dinner..Dal Chawal during lunch and dinner even sometimes during breakfast.πŸ˜€

Parboiled Rice & Dal both have Resistance Starch - it helps a lot....slows Sugar absorption... Good for your friendly Gut bacteria.... You can keep changing Dal....Toor, Massor, Moong, Chana dal....

Dal - Chawal...

Chawal has less Lysine but has good amount of Methionine ....Dal has less Methionine but very good amount of both Dal Chawal complement each other..... you get the entire range of Amino acids.

(5) Same thing true with Idly....originated initially from south India , now very popular all over the world...

Keeping the Black gram in tact , Can I replace the white Rice with different options?? Yes I did try with 6 options, (a) Quinoa (b) Millets mix (c) Oats , Barley (d) Amaranth (e) Red Rice (f) Raagi

If you are not able to get good fermentation , add Nutritional yeast or even sodium bicarbonate...

One one or two cups of Sambar and 1 cup of Green chutney made out of Coriander, Mint, Curry patta, Baby Spinach....

Idly, Sambar, Green Chutney makes a Perfect breakfast- Can I eat Idly , sambar Chutney During Lunch / Dinner ??? Why not ! I do take at times ....I remember during my engineering college days , our South Indian Hostel sometimes used to serve only Idly Sambar Chutney during Dinner...πŸ™‚

(6) What is the Sabuji or curry ?

This is the main dish...

I take 1 cup of water in a pressure cooker / Pan - no oil used .....then Garnish some Garlic Ginger paste home made...then put some liberal quantity of cut onions....tomatoes...garnish for 5 minutes in medium flame...

Then I add some Dal - I prefer masoor or chana dal or black eyes peas ....add 1 more cup of water...then I take at least 7- kinds of vegetables ...cut in to pieces ....put some leafy vegetables like spinach , pak choi/ bok choy and add some sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots.......all around 1.5 kgs....close the lid ....Allow to boil for 5-minutes until you are about to get the 1st whistle....I don't wait for the 1st whistle to blow .....just close the Gas flame knob....allow it to cool for 10 minutes...take out the lid...

Then put liberal quantity of Indian spices powder form... Turmeric, Jeera, chilli, salt , garam masala , dhania...nutmeg....just whatever you simmer under low flame for 5-7 minutes...

This sabuji I consume in a day along with 3 meals.

(7) The second vegetable curry I take during my lunch / dinner daily is an Exclusive curry made out of mushrooms ( A mix of Button Mushroom and oyster mushrooms sauted with TOFU and Baby spinach oil used ..sauted with little water garlic ginger onion pieces)

(8) What else....???

Potatoes ??? ..Boil with skin and cool in freeze overnight...and eat in cold condition next day.....I take 2 medium size boiled and cooled Potatoes with skin in tact with every meal..

When i used to take breakfast in Hotel Taj, they used to serve boiled and cooled Potatoes...and I used to hate...why boiled and cooled Potatoes? I never bothered to ask the chef why cooled?

Magic of resistance starch..πŸ˜€

What else ?

I take Home made Lemon pickles with no added oil with every meal....

I take cabbage pickles known as .. sauerkraut....

1 table spoonful of Flax seed Powder everyday....the only essential known fats called Alpha linolenic acid ( omega3) and Linoleic Acid ( omega 6) ....As I am yet to test my Omega 3 index....with flax seed Powder if omega 3 index not coming normal, I need to take Algae oil veg capsules containing DHA. But most people with a flax seed supplement daily are able to get Omega 3 index . Mr Cyrus khambatta , author of the book "Mastering Diabetes" has been eating flaxseeds /chia seeds powder 1table spoonful daily for last 5 years and checking omega 3 index and posting his results in the Mastering diabetes forum.

What else: I checked my Vitamin D, B12 levels found not taking...but if required will not hesitate to take D/ B12 in future . Was taking earlier...

Please see my previous post on "supplements worth taking " !

I do take Magnesium glycinate supplement...1 tablet a day for the time being and Ashwagandha 1 tablet a day.

What else?

Yoga, Pranayam, meditation, treadmill walk....

Everyday early morning sunlight exposure fot 15 mnts ... .and every alternate day.....Noon sunlight exposure for 20-30minutes...

What else: I don't count calories...but it could vary from 2000 kcal-2400 per day... Not yet put on fact lost 500 grams ....πŸ˜€

Disclaimer: Before starting such a need to be need to do body detoxification first.. some people find results within a week.....some one in a month, it took more than 1 month for me detoxification.. to remove those fatty acids fats from my body cells long as they are there, even whole plant carbs will also spike blood glucose ..this is the science...

You need to know your diabetic status..your insulin resistance status or insulin deficiency status...In mastering Diabetic forum , i find type-1's are reducing their insulin by half.

This is not a medical advice. please consult your Doctor before you do major changes in your dietary pattern..

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very impressive. Thanks for sharing. Is coconut consumption allowed?

namahaAdministrator in reply to soni1

100 years back science had discovered TWO essential fats ......ALA & LA......found in Flax seed, chia seed & walnuts....

All other fats are non- essential for body ..

So, All other fats both plant and animal sources are non essential fats...and can promote insulin resistance .

Animal protein can also cause Insulin resistance!

To your question coconut can promote insulin resistance....


Hi namaha,

Please let me know if you prick your finger to note down the BS reading.

namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

These readings all through Prick type Contour plus Glucometer. If you have gone through all my previous posts, I had posted the image of the prick type Glucometer contour plus by Bayer / Ascensia . The readings are transferred to the apps provided by Bayer Ascensia.

I had also mentioned in my posts that Prick- less Glucometer is still under trial and reliability is yet to be established. .

barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Thanks for the response namaha. I have done voluminous research in noting down my PPBS values for each day (each time after food) for 3 months (along with FBS) and found that there is large deviance between the average value obtained using prick and the average value obtained from the lab(HbA1c). I personally feel it is not worth pricking 3 to 4 times a day.

namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

For me with Bayer's contour and Lab are within plus minus 5%.

There are a lot of ways in which one can prick...and ways in which one does surface preparation of the tip....

One of these days , I will post 10 do's and don't while pricking ..and testing in a Glucometer.

Not only that strips need to be preserved and handled with Do's and don't s.

That is where , if you are not are going to get a lot of variation....

barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

ok namaha. Could you please detail the best practices of usage of strips in Glucometer?

Which brand and what form (tablet or something else) of Ashwagandha have you been using? You were talking about its effects on ED. How about the people that are facing opposite of ED, will it make worse (too much of E) if ashwagandha is used?


I use himalaya ashwagandha tablets....also Dabur is available as option...though I have not tried Dabur....both are readily available in Amazon...Himalaya tablets have 6000 plus reviews ....

Ashwagandha is taken by all these people for 10 different purpose...

Everyone is different....different people may react differently....

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before you take also need to see how your blood sugar react with 1 tablet daily , two tablet daily .....or it does not react at all.

Please check its overall efficacy level after one week to 10 days..


i want to know few things from your post:

copying below and the queries:


part of your post-1:

Disclaimer: Before starting such a need to be need to do body detoxification first.. some people find results within a week.....some one in a month, it took more than 1 month for me detoxification.. to remove those fatty acids fats from my body cells long as they are there, even whole plant carbs will also spike blood glucose ..this is the science...

----- My query: How do you detoxify? and how do you know that detoxification is done/complete?

part of your post-2:

You need to know your diabetic status..your insulin resistance status or insulin deficiency status...In mastering Diabetic forum , i find type-1's are reducing their insulin by half.

-------- My query: how do you know insulin resistance status or difficiency?


namahaAdministrator in reply to kkmworldno1

Dear kkmworldno1.

It is simple ......To understand this You first need to read my previous related posts.. last 6 months....

I took 5 months in reading this science and in convincing myself before I jumped in to this Diet .

I first came across this Science in April 2020, when I read the book on Mastering diabetes by Cyrus khambatta.

Then I was trying to understand if Cyrus khambatta is the only person who has done this research or there are others in this world....gradually I came across ...Dr Greger, Dr Fuhrman, Dr Esselstyn, Dr MC Dougal, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Campbell....all these guys speak the same thing with some variance...these personalities most of them are MD, Ph.D ...and have their own clinic to treat patient only by not only they preach ...they practice in reality....

Then I did my own research....what other long term studies conducted on this kind of diet. ... by other public authorities in countries like USA, Canada, Europe.....

The next step was to join a face book group who are practising this diet learn their experience ...

And the last step was my decision....

The diet was not totally different than what I was already practising..though I was not knowing what to be totally avoided and which need to be focussed ...

It was a totally a new experience..exciting...πŸ™‚

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