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Feels sleepy 😴 after taking meal


I'm diabetic since 4 years. My age is 32. I have a big bowl of porridge along with 2 glasses of milk with some dry fruits in it as a breakfast Also some bananas and other seasonal fruits. During lunch I have 12 chapatis or 8-9 bajra rotis, 2 subjis, 1 cooker container rice and dal, 1 bowl salad, a cup of lentils,4 eggs and Small mug of lassi(around 600ml). At 5pm I take 2 scoops protein powder (70gm) with 500ml milk. Dinner is somewhat same like the lunch. My fasting sugar remains between 100-110 and PP between 170-190. I do 2 hours of rigorous weight training and 30mins cardio 5 days of week. I don't take any medicine. Is this because of cortisol or is it related with meal?

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Please tell us your weight and level of physical activity.

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Height 6ft and weight 80kg

Looking at the information given your weight training is burning some of the sugar!!!

What is your waist size?, have you had blood test for HbA1C and what the number?

You may need to go for eye check, foot check. There are many sport people who are diabetic and enjoying their sport activities.

Do you do any carb count or calorie count on your food intake.? One cooker container of rice, what is the weight of rice before cooking?

take care.

1 round dabba inside cooker I have bodybuilder like physique but don't know why I have diabetes. My waist is 34.

Thank you for your reply.#

Please go and see a specialist to check HbA1C, eyes, and foot. May be you need to look at your carb intake to control your blood glucose!

Your weight, height and waist are average, execs carb is excess sugar and you need to control it.

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Hi and welcome to the group, RamboJohnJ. Thank you for introducing yourself and letting us know what you've had for your meals. Please feel free to continue posting and asking questions, commenting, take a look at the Topics/Events/Pinned Posts/Polls for ideas and suggestions, and also, meet the rest of the group members. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help with any questions to the best of our abilities. :-)

Is Diabetes in your family? Sometimes, if it's in the family, children get it either at a young age, or near their upper teen years and sometimes get either type 1 or 2-- depending on age of onset.

Reduce carbs and go LCHF.

I'm asking about sleepiness not about controlling sugar. Is it normal? My sugar levels are good.

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If you’re tired, it can be because you have high blood sugars. Everyone is different— same as Diabetes.



Feeling of sleepiness after meals is a natural response of the body and generally not a cause of concern unless it is extreme.The feeling of sleepiness comes because body is producing serotonin, particularly after eating protein-rich foods. This is very normal.

Cortisol does not cause sleepiness; in fact cortisol prepares you to face challenges of the day. That is why, the cortisol level is generally high early in the morning.

Follow the link below for more information on sleepiness after meals:


Thanks pravin55 for such valuable information. I'm feeling 4folds stronger than before.

What ever said, you need to check your blood numbers, eyes and foot, see a doctor.

My eyes are clear and foots are rough and tough. I do heavy weight training. I check my sugar 3-4times a week. Then why to go for doctor.

My last response. There are technical terms for eyes and foot.!! Blood test HbA1C.

You are too young and have ego problem. You argue too much.

Your PPBS is high -

12 chappatis too many-- slowly cut down to 8 - start with 11 for two weeks and then 10

At least check blood test A1C -- at lab -

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