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hi, I need help. I am diabetic since past 2 years. below is my diet plan and my sugar levels. What is causing increase in blood sugar ?

My typical day:

wake up at 5:00 am: blood sugar is 143.

drink soaked methi seeds + lauki juice then go for a brisk 1hour 30 min walk.

Blood sugar now 131.

at 7:30 a.m: Take tripride LV 2. eat breakfast (typical is oats dosa/idli or upma). I go for a 10 min walk.

At 9:30 am my blood sugar is 153.

Snack is at 10:00 am. typically coffee with 2-4 marie biscuits.

1:00 pm : sugar level is 89

lunch at 1:00 pm: 3 phulkas, raw veggies, curd, 1 vegetable curry. Walk for 10 mins.

3:00 pm : Sugar level is 212.

4:00 pm: fruit (guava/orange/apple/strawberries)

8:00 pm: Dinner : Taking glycomet trio 1 just before dinner. Dinner: brown rice + dal + cooked vegetable + curd.

walk for 10 mins.

10:00 pm: Sugar level is 192. (generally sleep at 10:00)

11:00 pm :sugar level is 218

What am I doing wrong ? Why my blood sugar does not come under control past lunch ?

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Some people perfectly know that sugar is not the main problem. It is metabolic disorder. But conventional medicine don't tell you that. That's why Jenny Ruhl named her book "what they don't tell you about diabetes.


the raw veggies includes only cucumber, tomatoes and carrot. I will bring down the number of pulkas to 2 to start with. I tend to get hungry later hence will try reducing one and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion. I have also started to consume soaked methi seeds + water at 10:00 am and again at 5:00 pm (before lunch and dinner) based on an advice from my friend. This seems to reduce the bs levels. Its only one day since I have started this and may be a bit early to suggest to others. I will keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who has replied. Keep healthy.


Why don't you try 'Long wheat' diet at least for breakfast?It is working for me.If you search on this web site you will get plenty of guidance on Long wheat diet.


thank you. I will check this out.


Read several times about LCHF, but what about Cholesterol

/ Triglyceride. that's main causes for heart problems. Whether save your self from diabetics & proceed to heart problem ? I am not a doctor but Dr. says about it that cholesterol increased with animal product either milk, milk products or meat and Triglyceride increased with vegetable oils. Please suggest


Good dietary fats (unprocessed meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, nuts etc.) don't cause heart decease. It is the damaged fats like trans fats, frying, highly processed grain oils cause CHD. Dietary cholesterol normally doesn't affect cholesterol levels. More than 70% is manufactured by lever. Mainly cholesterol itself is not the cause.


If it isnt oats, dosa or idli, can you please suggest what else can be eaten for breakfast ? I am a south indian. Also, how to calculate the calories ? My idli intake is 2-3 or 2 dosas or 1 1/2 scoop of oats upma. Please advice me. How much of calories would these be ?


Instead of Idly , dosa ,upma, try pesarattu made of whole green gram , You can add soybean, peanut and a little red rice if you want ( not white rice) .Try this .Of course you should limit intake to 60 grams .Use coconut chutney and test your PPBG .Surprise awaits you


100gms of carbs is quite difficult to measure. Seems like everything has carbs and it can easily add up to a 100gms. In lame terms could you give a sample meal plan like what is to be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ? A sample meal plan will be very helpful for me and my wife. I am a south indian vegetarian. Thanks.


Hi, perfect chart must adopt this as our routine. shabbir hyderabad


This is very good information. I will try and incorporate your suggestion in my routine.


Too many carbs such as phulkas, curry and rice.

At least reduce your portion sizes, then have more foods with natural fat and some natural protein to give the micro-nutrients you need to stay well, and stave off hunger.


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