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how to get hba1c further down from 6.8

Hello, My husband is diabetic. Todays tests revealed 6.8 as hba1c. He leads a very sedentary life.

He however eats what I cook but wont do anything extra to better his health. Here is my current meal plan. He wont take Virgil coconut oil or heavy butter etc. We are vegetarian. I am reaching out to you to help me with the meal plan..

Here is the current meal plan:


small amount of upma/ 2 small dosas + chutney/ 4 small rice idli + sambar / poha/ 2 small rava idli

some coffee


2 rotis + dal or sabji

1 whole cucumber sliced

Evening snack

1 apple/ 1 bowl of papaya / 1 guava deseeded.


Diabetic rice + rasam / sambar + curd

In between he drinks 4-5 cups of coffee as he gets hungry.

Once in a while we eat out dinner.

His fasting is always about 120.

Please advice.


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I forgot to mention he take

LV pride2 in the morning after breakfast,

Glycomet SR500 after lunch

GP1 Forte + razovel 10 after dinner


already food intake is less. in what way can i reduce further ? Being vegetarian choices are less. Anup Sir, can you please help tweak my menu suggested above and let me know. Already husband is 58kg. Looks too thin. What is a good fat ? Ghee ? Butter ?


The meal plan is carb loaded and that too items like dosas, upma, idlis, rice, rotis etc.

With these food items, even with higher doses of medicines BS control will always remain a problem.




I am also a recent diabetic and vegetarian. can you please post what could be be ideal diabetic food for a vegetarian from breakfast to dinner and in between snacks. so much info in the links being shared.


All links are important so please go through all of them. On the site lot has been posted about vegetarian meals in meals section.

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anup ji,

as informed earlier i have been following your posts and they are really very interesting, educative. Of course I have been checking on the links you have been giving. I just want to know how you have been able to be off the drugs and maintain the sugar levels in control. can you please, if you don't mind, post here, what actually you eat from the time you get up to the time you go to bed ? may be we could take some cue from those details.




ok sir.


Keep his intake of flour, sugar, fruit, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, tubers, root vegetables, grains and cereals down, having a little natural fat instead; avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut, butter, double cream, and full-fat cheese.

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Thanks all. I am new to the forum and am trying my best to understand LCHF concept.


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