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Room for a small one on the IC?

I've had to give in temporarily to the injury couch. An old injury has flared up bigtime (torn shoulder tendon) and my lovely NHS physio said (despite my pleading puppy dog eyes) that it would be best not to do anything that jolts the shoulder (and that includes running, despite my following Laura's instructions to hold shoulders down and back). I'm seeing her again in a week. Ice, ibuprofen and painkillers now on the menu. (You mean I have to use the ice on my shoulder, not in a glass? There's a novelty).

Meanwhile, lovely people, if anyone has a magic wand for tendon repair please can I borrow it?! Ideas on a postcard.. or just click below as usual. Heeeeeelp!

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If only there was a magic wand. Rest, ice. My physio also uses acupuncture.

I'm on the IC after calf strain and Achilles tendinitis. Just getting back on the road after 3 weeks out.

Best to follow the advice given and try not to go stir crazy.


3 weeks?! Oh no! Poor you! Hope the Achilles is now mended. Best wishes!


Get a good book on trigger point therapy, I reccomend this one:

and a lacrosse ball, and if you really have your heart set on a magic wand you could try this one:

I would also reccomend this book, as a general preventative, although I would wait another couple of weeks for the updated version to come out:


Many thanks for this, Rignold. Followed the link in your recent recommendation for this on another post and it looked brilliant, but I didn't realise it would be effective for my torn tendon. I'll definitely take another look at all of these and buy the book.


Sorry no magic wand. Tendons are so tricky. Rest, Ice, Heat, Stretch, but not too much. I still have post tib tendonitis after 3 months but am now able to run 10K again in a gingerly fashion ;-)


The fact that you are now back in action gives me hope. Hey - maybe I'll be able to do 10K in 3 months time! (Which would be brilliant, cos my PB is only 6K!!!)

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