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Meanwhile, Hoovering around the IC waiting room...


So, Sunday I’d started some great core strengthening exercises that are really doing something, I know they are because everything is sore. I had a lovely 30 minute run on the treadmill at the gym on Monday and I thought, way-hay, I really am on my way again... Did them again yesterday and something in my back didn’t like it, so here I am having another rest day. However, there is no such thing as a true rest day as a mum, so house work replaced the gym: fairly non-impact cardio with the vacuum cleaner and duster, going up and down stairs, shifting furniture, stretching etc!! Thankfully I am feeling miles better than I did yesterday so it has done the business.

Hoping that tomorrow maybe I can nip out in the morning and do a quick 15 minutes, just to dip my toe in the water. Please let me be fit enough for Saturday’s Parkrun!! 🤞🤞🤞

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😱😱 TailChaser D'oh! This could have been the perfect excuse for not doing the housework! 🤣 But good on ya! And I really hope you're fit for Park Run too, I'll accompany you virtually 🤗 as I've got one planned as well 🏃‍♀️ Be sure to rest up 😊

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

I know Flara, I’m potty but I just couldn’t leave it! I’m sitting in my freshly clean bedroom and it feels not quite as satisfying as running 5k but it’ll do for now 😂 I’ll rest up as much as I can, I promise 🙏 Good luck on your Parkrun - is it your first?

FlaraflarkinGraduate in reply to TailChaser

I actually wish I could be more like that, I've won awards in procrastination 🤣 This will be my 3rd Park Run since G-day .... but the gremlins keep getting the better of me, much worse than when I run solo (and they're bad enough then!😂) So I aim to run my 30mins WITHOUT WALKING! 😬😬

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

Wow 3?!! You can do it Flara, I’m sure you can! We can virtually spur each other on on Saturday ‘cos I’m not sure I can do it without walking at the moment either 😱.


Oh no! So frustrating. I hope that the extra rest does the trick and you're back out there soon. Well done for all that cleaning though!

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Eiralas

Thanks Eiralas, feeling much better and I have a sparkling house 😁

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