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On the IC ๐Ÿ˜ข Whinge warning

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Haven't posted for a while because work stupid busy and I'm also feeling a bit fed up. So this post is probably a bit moany.. But you have been warned.

Week 8 run 1, I came home victorious from getting to the park and back and running 25mins with no real problems, and then about five mins later I was wondering why my ankle hurt...I hadn't rolled it or anything (I thought) but it felt bruised and was a bit puffy...

Took a few extra days rest, iced and so on, then ran again on Sunday... It wasn't exactly100% but It felt OK and I hoped it would be fine. And the run was fine (fab, in fact) but my ankle that evening and next day was, and has remained , painful, and I'm hobbling about.

So...am going to wait it out til fully healed this time. I don't know what I've done to it, but it's not happy! Ibulieve, ice and a bandage are not enough to stop it moaning... Oh dear... So frustratingly close to graduation, too.

I know others have had things flare up, and have gone on to graduate and continue to run, so am just trying to posses my soul in patience, as they say. But it's a darn nuisance!

On the other hand, and more positively, i do have new running shoes (bought on Saturday). Gait analysed and everything ๐Ÿ˜€ Will try and do a picture but that will need my gizmo to charge up first, and is a bit too late for me to do it this evening.. Hopefully they will prevent future injury...apparently they do seven leagues with each step, too....!

20 Replies
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Oh Raven, poor you. Rest your ankle and whilst you're on the IC you could do my crossword! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you'll be right as rain โ˜”๏ธ ASAP

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Flossie22

Thanks Flossie... I love a crossword, although I can only do the easy ones. ๐Ÿ˜„

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O what a shame however while you are resting keep an eye on that lovely new trainers waiting to run miles with you!! It is amazing how a good pair of trainers that have been bought after a gait test helps!! Trust me after you have rested that ankle you will be surprised๐Ÿ˜Š I had a problem with my inner knee, strange place I thought, but bought new trainers, ( price of them will keep me running๐Ÿ˜‚) and knee pain stopped. Make sure you take rest days as I still get a few twinges after long runs well 30mins + long for me!! & sometimes have to take two rest between. You take care & you will get to the end .... Well done for getting this far & good luck with the rest! & your other runs๐Ÿ˜Š

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks. You're right that my shoes are looking rather lovely right now...! I do take the rest days, but I think I'll just have to listen to my joints a bit more carefully in future..

Reassuring to read that you came back from a strain, thank you.

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How frustrating! I love the idea of possessing my soul in patience. And..... gotta get me some of those shoes! Heal well.

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to pollyp1

The shoes are definitely very cheering. I'm walking round the house in them to get used to them, you understand. With the limp I'm kind of reminding myself of Gollum as I clutch my precious new shoes!

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Flossie22Graduate in reply to Raven2016

My precious! My precious! LOL, great one Raven2016 ๐Ÿ˜‚

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pollyp1Graduate in reply to Raven2016



Yes, so frustrating isn't it, I'm in same boat at the moment. I can only echo advice given on similar posts and looks like you're already being sensible. The run will wait for you but you need to be sensible, it takes a minimum of 24 hrs for leg muscles to recover from a normal beginner's run, ( I'd argue longer if you're older)much longer to heal an injury however small - And you have had swelling too. Muscles often take longer to heal than boney injuries, however- and here's the good news, they Do heal well and go on to do their job thereafter. I'm just waiting for my body to catch up with me then will take it running again for last 2 runs to graduation.

You've done Really well to come so far and I've no doubt will be just behind me at the graduation table for that badge! See you there. โ˜บ

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Annty

Thanks, Annty. I'm sorry to hear you're on the IC too. It's soooo annoying. I'm just not able to run right now, though- just walking to the station this morning set my ankle off again.

Hope you heal up soon, and meet you in the graduates' lounge in a few weeks!

Raven, I'm sorry to hear about your injury. A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with a hamstring after a run, but couldn't work out how I'd done it, as I hadn't hurt it during the run at all. It just came on suddenly afterwards. It was so frustrating having enforced time off running (and that's not something I ever would have dreamed I would be saying before I started this programme). I'm sure with a bit of time and ice you'll make a good recovery and be well on the way to graduating. Rest easy. :-)

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Razouski

Thanks. I can't believe how much I'm missing my runs, either!

I never ever thought I would feel like this about it. A very positive change in my outlook, although annoying right now...

I am RICE ing like a good'un so hopefully this will clear up soon. Glad you've healed up now.

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Whinge away all you want! A good moan is as good as at least 2 Ibuprofen ๐Ÿ˜‚ You will definitely get there, just take this as a chance to let your shiny new shoes stay clean for a little bit longer before the muddy runs start. Good luck!

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to Bundoodle

Thank you... Mud! On my SHOES?!

(Faints at idea)

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Bummer. :(

Wishing you a speedy recovery, and moan away! I'm not one for suffering in silence at all. :)

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to AnneDroid

Thanks AnneDroid!

"apparently they do seven leagues with each step, too"

Tis true - well if they are bright blue ASICS it is

Sorry to hear about the injury - I've been lucky so far that nothing has happened to me - hopefully you'll be back soon.

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Raven2016Graduate in reply to davidy233

They're Brooks..I tried some ASICS but they didn't help my over pronation... OMG I even sound like a runner now. (Pinches self!)

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The exact same thing happened to me! I still haven't worked out what I did to my ankle, or when I did it. Like you I tried a run when I thought it was feeling better and had to abort after 1k. I haven't been out running now for 10 days or so; my ankle is feeling a lot better but still a bit sore at times. I think the cold weather isn't helping either! Hope we're both back out there soon.

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Oh no..... Not you as well.โ˜น๏ธ Ankles do take a while to get better, I know. I've always had slightly weak ones, but I really didn't know I'd done anything this time. Glad you're nearly mended, take it easy when you do go out๐Ÿ˜€

Think you're right about the weather. I wonder if I just wasn't warmed up properly to start with , so the running meant I was stretching unharmed muscles and pulled one or something...

Oh well. One advantage of being on the IC means I can come on here of an evening...๐Ÿ˜€

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