Room for a small one on the Injury Couch?

Went over on my ankle at Parkrun yesterday. Momentary "ow" and thought nothing more of it until about 4 hours later. Stopped to chat to someone for about 10 mins and ankle started to throb. By the time I got home was swollen and very sore - tho' nothing like as impressive as Turnturtle's. Not too bad today but beginning to bruise nicely. Have been very lucky with injuries so far so shall look on this as a rite of passage to better things. Well I can hope!!



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  • Ouch!! I am lucky that I have never ever had a sprained ankle all my life - but very nearly on some occasions!! :) Have been over on my ankle many times - but I think a combination of agility and strong ankles have saved me.

    This is one reason though why I don't like the idea of "supportive" shoes. Shoes that constrain you in any way have a tendency to weaken your foot muscles/ligaments -- for an extreme case, consider how your foot would go in a plaster cast where it is constrained completely. I run in NIKE Free 5.0's because they are extremely flexible and do not support my foot in any direction - they are basically a sock with a flexible sole to protect the underside of my feet. You can feel what the ground is doing beneath your feet - and , IF you are quick enough can become aware of what is about to happen feet-wise.

  • I agree about the supportive shoes and have always been wary of walking boots that go above the ankles. Have always gone over a lot on my ankles, when I started the programme thought it may be a hazard but luckily not. Last time I did a real injury was about 8 years ago, the day before I was visiting Petra!

  • Thought I may have a problem with my ankle when starting the programme, as went over on it a few times through wearing high heeled platform shoes in the early 70s, and has been a tad weak since and have ricked it again in recent years, but luckily it's been OK on the programme, still try and watch carefully where I tread though...

  • The 70's have a lot to answer for!!! I never thought I could run as I used to go over just trying to run for a bus but actually haven't had an real problems and luckily this resolved fairly quickly. You'll have to avoid the platform trainers.

  • As I over pronate I thought I may have a problem with the built up inner edge of the heal on the trainers, so would go over easier on the ankle, but that's not the case, luckily it's been good..

  • Oh no. Ankles eh! Don't you hate them? Hopefully you won't be on the Couch for long.I used ibuprofen tablets and gel plus alternate hot and cold soaks. Mine feels a lot better today. It's still swollen , but I'm sure that's fluid that just needs to disperse, so I'm going to strap it up and try a gentle run.

  • Hope it goes well. At work I always tell people they can't try to run until they can walk pain-free - whether they listen to me is another thing. You know what runners are like.

  • Good advice ar! IT's sort of what my instinct told me.My ankle wasn't hurting so though it was swollen I decided to go for it. Back home now. No pain and no extra swelling so I'm back on track ;-)

  • Very good news!

  • Oh no :-( RICE for you....try putting damp tea towels in the freezer for wrapping your ankle with...

  • That's a good idea - I am out of peas and those gel pads are not very flexible.

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