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On the Bench or IC

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Hi all

I made it to run 3 of week 1 and have been sidelined by ligament and tendon damage to knee since run 3 went not so well. I'm 8 days out at the moment and still in pain and not able to walk normally, climb stairs etc yet. Physio again today and treatment booked for Monday. It could take 3 weeks I think. I want to start again. Obviously I feel tempted to say this is not for me and sit back down on the couch.

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I did exactly the same thing end of w1, I think it took 3-4 weeks. I can’t exactly remember and it was only last sept/Oct. Anyway I started back at w1r1 in November, today I graduated. Also I’m 53 classed as obese (working on that) and even used to write my own notes to get out of pe at school. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m sooo glad I didn’t go permanently back to the couch. I suppose what I’m saying is, it is possible to come back from an early injury and complete. Oh and to add I gave up smoking in August. To date I’ve lost 2st 7lb. This is fantastic. Once you’ve recovered follow the plan, make sure you take a rest day between runs and most importantly take it really slow and steady. If I can do it anyone can. Good luck and happy running when you’ve recovered. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Thanks Shelley

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Shelley2310 - it is stories like yours that inspire others when things get tough - thanks for sharing!

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Thank you 😊

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Wow. So wow

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Well... how long has it been since you had a sporting injury? I’d been 30 years so when I injured a knee early in this plan I found a positive in that fact! Crazy I know, but while you heal you can be proud of yourself for getting that injury, in a way. Follow all the physio advice and exercise, and you’ll come back stronger. Next time you run, take it really easy and then continue the strengthening exercises. I had pain in both knees daily for 30 years... doctors had told me I couldn’t ever run again... they were wrong, and now I’m pain free! You’ll graduate this plan, I can see it in your words. I hope you heal swiftly, but don’t rush back... we need that knee as strong as possible... and we will all be here with you on your next run.

Thank you ! The support means a lot

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Ah Chateface! This is so for you!! Delays are not denials. You want to be able to enjoy every moment on this fantastic journey, so let the body heal and you’ll be back. We’re all here waiting to cheer you on too!! You can do it!! 🤗❤️

Off to this physio again this afternoon. Feeling positive thanks to all the encouragement .

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They’ve already said it all ! Take the time out, follow the physio’s advice, and see if you can work out what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. We’ll all be right here with you x

Will do. I had been having issues with that knee a few months back and thought it was fine as no niggles until R3. I think there are a few underlying foot and hip issues on that side I need to address.

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Chateface

Sensible to get it properly sorted, rather than struggling on and maybe having worse problems to deal with later. Hope it’s all sorted soon x

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I've done this 4 times over that 2 years. Each time I stopped for one reason or another I had to start all over again. And I enjoyed it every time. I'm happy to say this is the first time I've actually completed it and gone beyond. So enjoy your time out. I'm sure youll be back because nothing can beat that sense of accomplishment. Good luck. We're all rooting for you

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