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4th night in a row :-)

Hi all, been a long time since ive took my anti des for four nights in a row. A very very long time. So im really pleased with myself. :-) even thou ive got abit of fear now i know im doing the right thing. I did feel really anxious earlyer, but once i had wrote on here and started to think of other things i was fine :-) we are taking the kids to drayton manor park tomorrow, as its been a long time since weve took them anywhere. I feel ready to take them out for the day and im actually really looking forward to it. Ive told the kids that we are taking there dad back to where he comes from, the monkeys at the zoo lol hope u all have a good wkend xxx

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Three cheers for Donaf ..hiphip hooray, hiphip hooray hiphip hooray

Well done my love you are a star

I will join you soon , you are my inspiration with this

Try & think this is going to make me better , that's what I am going to say when I start





Hi whywhy trust me you will feel much better for taking it although i understand your fearful of medication like myself.

I wish you luck just go for it :)

Have a great weekend.

Love Seyi


Its getting abit easyer each day even thou i get alot of fear. I keep telling myself that if i keep taking one a day without missing any i anxiety will go quicker. I know it cud be another 12 months that im on them or more but its giving me more determination to keep it up and getting myself past the fear. Join me wen ur ready and we will do it together xxx


hi donaf, well done, is this the first time you have come off them? you are being so positive, and very determined, don't forget to take the bananas with you,xxx


Hi donaf

What an achievement well done :) i was scared stiff taking my medication but feeling a lot better for it although do get the odd day where i feel awful.

I hope you and the family have a wonderful time :) Enjoy

Love Seyi xxx#


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