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Its gonna be a bad night


Tomorrow i am leaving the family home for good and have to say good by too my kids. I never wanted to put my kids through this but its out of my hands life deals its cards we just have to live it.

My whole body is trembleing eyes waterfilled an im at work again. really shouldnt be here right now should be home playing with my kids

never quite felt a pain like this just wish it would stop

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HI, my thoughts are with you. what a incredibly tough situation to have to face. are you seeking any support? x

Hello Big , I do know the pain you are feeling the same thing happened to me 2 months back.

Message me if you would like a chat.


thanks people Im just texing everyone I know at the moment to keep my brain occupied. i know its for the best because if we carry on like this we will end up hating each other and that would be worse for the kids.


Hi Bigtonyd

Good for you love thinking about your kids even though you are in pain & we spoke the other night , & like I said I no how you feel

Stay strong , keep blogging , everyone is here for you hun , you are going to get through this





Hey Bigtonyd

Sorry to hear things aint good at the mo. You keep chatting on here to everyone. We cant solve the problem but we can be there for you. xxxx

Thank you people Im very glad i found this forum its been a tremendous help with me thinking the way forward.

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