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having a horible day

ive been really brill not having the horrible feelings of anxiety and then the last couple of days BANG its back why ? its so random i cant stop crying ive got three beautiful kids and four gorgoeus grandkids and a fab fiance and a great job that i love so why do i feel like this now im racking my brains thinking why am i stressed dan is going away on the weeknd to portugal is it that but im going out with my friends too is it my daughter whos on her own with the two kids and shes not to shit hot either ive got a few bills but who hasnt it really weird ive had the anxiety amd panics for two yeras now and nothing has happened to me what do i do let it run its course ?

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Thinking ...we need an on of switch in our brains ..think that would help

We over think things so much , well I do , & even though anxiety is there it makes it so much worse ..i can be watching TV , on phone , you name it & part of my head will be thinking even then !!!!

Dont feel guilty how you feel , they are your feelings , try & accept them at the moment & it can help & able us to start dealing with it

Yes we do all have a few bills ...i no I have , I just think "get in the que " you can have it when I have got it ;)





Thats same as me whywhy constantly over thinkin all times + im so sick of people tellin me not 2, as if u can hlp it + jst turn off the switch. i can cope with the anxietywen its a bit calmer + not so distressing. my mums like u whywhy in that she spent all her life sufferin, she has ptsd, severe ocd + gad ad well as major depression, she jst changes at the drop of a hat + goes in2 isolation mode, its actualy scary 2 watch even though i do the same.mental illness is the worst illness in the world in my eyes + i wish every1 cld b cured,dnt think u cld wish it on any1.


Dont give up lee , we can improve & even get better with this , little steps hun , you will get there , may not seem like it but you will

I agree this is one of the worse things to suffer from & you dont no unless you do , thats why its great we all understand on here



Hi blondedonnakebab the best thing you can do is let it run its course, Anxiety kicks in when it has a trigger.

You may not know what that trigger is but it is something that gets it kicking.

The thing with Anxiety is that you could have everything you have ever wanted and it will still try to kick you down.

Have yourself a little sit down, some time on your own doing something that you love, reading,drawing....

but try not to over think.

Hope you are feeling a bit better.




Hi hun sorry u feelin so bad, u very much like me, ive bin sufferin frm a brkdwn 4 a little over 4 mnths + so many times thoght i was gettin better then bam it hits u harder + harder each time it returns. the reason anxiety scares the hell out of u is bcause its like fighting an attacker blind folded, u cnt actualy fight it but in my case cnt stop tryin 2. cnt go wiv it + cnt accept. there most probaly is a subconcious reason 4 this, the crisis team keep tellin the same 2 me but in my case now its jst simply the fear feeding the fear so u might b doin the same. really hope u beat this monster. kindest regards leeanne.x


yes i remember the doctor saying to me your anxoius of being anxious


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