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can medication for anxiety make your love feelings be diffrent then they use to be i know i love my husband so much he has helped me so much with my anxiety he's been my rock but the other day my feelings towards him was just not right not sure how to explain them tbh it was like there is nothing there for him but he has done nothing wrong for me to feel like that i know some where in side off me knows i do love him we have been togethre 6 years and have 4 kids we have been married 2 years and i couldnt of been more happy well that was till i got told a few months ago i had anxiety no idea what has triggered it off really really really wish i did but i don not know what the cause of my anxiety is the feelings im having are new they onlycame on the other yesterday and today they don't seem to be like yesterday i'm confussed about them :( with this anxiety my sleep is very bad and i miss been abe to consentrate and remember things i hate been like this and i don not like taking the medication as im not good with taking medication but i do take it i feel so fed up with having no sleep snapping at the ones close to me have no energy at all and not consentrating i miss so much my head hurts all the time


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  • Hi. Sorry you dont feel too well. Anxiety can affect all sorts of things in your life - from making you believe that you are about to die to having strange thoughts. It is difficult to be sure about your particular situation - there is a good chance that you are also depressed as well having anxiety to deal with. Depression will certainly affect your moods and perhaps what you think you feel for those around you. You say that he has been your rock and that you love him - thats what I would go with then. Temporary thoughts and feelings brought on be anxiety/stress/depression will eventually disappear. Is this the kind of thing you would be able to talk with your husband about? It might help if you could. But I know that sometimes it is not always possible to discuss things like that.

    See how things go over a period of time - dont jump into anything. Sometimes we just need to be able to write things down and that helps clarify them in our heads. I hope that things will be ok for you.


  • Hope this helps heather I've been to talks cbt numerous amounts of therapy and consolidation I am a successful man I work as a chartered accountant from I was 21 I got my first anxiety attack my life never was the same again people say oh oh naw ur fine if we where fine why we need therapy or medication to deal with our body's going haywire on us a seizure mode that's the only way I can explain it long story short tho medication saved my life and my soul and gave me strength to be a father as that plague of an illness drive me so low was unbelievable further more I have always been healthy in the gym I do not smoke I bearly ever drink now you would think I would be a role model far from it this is a disease physical and mental we have to just live with it my darling... But on your subject yes medication will do all those things to you and more my dear but it's a small price to pay to hide the devil lol you know in your heart u love him I have been down every road your facing or going to face the medication nums the anxiety it also can overpower your sleep and make you awful tired or a half a case of red bull looney it can also my dear num feelings even initiative yes yes all from the magic pill but don't let it feather the head too much it passes very quick you will be fine trust hope that helped :)

  • Omg I feel the same, my hubby is so awesome does everything for me and is very understanding with what I am going threw. But I just want to be left alone, i feel so bad for having these feelings. Oh yeah he's 10yr young than me. I feel he shoud be with someone his own age who's not going threw this hell 😪😪

  • thanks for your replys they are all very helpfull i have started to do a bit of yoga today as i have read a few storys that it can help with stress,anxiety, isnommia .depression, weight loss ,peace of mind so i am going to give that ago 3 times a week in the comfort of my own home for 20mins to 30 mins aday for a bit to see if it helps me the main thing i am after like most ppl is to be able to control my anxiety better and remove the medication as i'm pritty sure they are making me worse and i'm tired of trying all kinds of medications if i'm honest with you.....ohh by the way i gave up coffee when i got told about my anxiety plus fizzy drinks and choc as they can make it worse i don't drink havent for years i do smoke but have cut down a lot and the nxt step is to stop completly

  • You mention medication! When we have these to inhibit our negative emotions they can inhibit ou "feel good" emotions too. It's hard to find a balance. Wishing you well.

  • thanks for your reply

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