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three nights in a row :-)

ok so ive took my anti dep three nites in a row, took tonights not long back. I had abit of fear thinking about it coming up to the time so I took it before the fear got to much that I wudnt take it. well done me :-) still abit of fear, but im happy cuz its been a while since i have took them three days in a row. my next fear is tomorrow as im off to gp to get another prescription as only got two left! i get worked up walking down there and get panicky in there. the good thing of today is i had meeting with sons headteacher and feel abit better about sending me to school, so hes back on Monday. shes going to have my eldest son and my mates daughter that am both in there last year there on his playground so hes not alone which is a good because they both want to help as much as they can xxx

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Well done donaf , you are doing great , I am so happy for you

Brilliant news about your son as well , he is so lucky to have a mum like you

A lovely member on here when I was going to GP told me to take her hand & she would be with me & not to forget will you take mine & take me with you when you are going to GP'S & remember I will be with you in my thoughts


whywhy xxx



Well done you.

I'm thrilled to hear things are coming together for your son too.

Keep fighting, lass, I know you shouldn't have to but sometimes it's necessary. You will get there :)




Thank u whywhy, I will definately be taking u with me tomorrow u have been so helpfull with me so thank u darling xxx


I will be there & waiting for your post



Thanks lizard xx


Well done Donaf! good for you sweetheart x Ella x


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