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Four days in a row :-)

Four days in a row :-)

Hi all, four days in a row I've took my anti depressant. Im determined to beat my fear......because that's how I roll lol I didn't fone the doctors thou and I've only got one more left for tomorrow but I'm going to go on monday. Hope u all have a gud wkend xxx I cudnt resist but to send u this pic of my dogs xxx I hope it works as I'm on my fone

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There you are donaf , i have been looking out for you

Well done you are doing great here , hope you are feeling proud , this is a big acheivement

Thought you did go to the GP I didnt feel anyone taking my hand today ;) well we will go Monday then instead if you want me

The pics have worked on your phone , your dogs are so cute :-)

Hope you have a good weekend to





Thank u whywhy and u sure am coming to the doctors with me :-) I don't like going on my own with the panicking feeling I get but I will be fine as u will be with me :-) im glad the pic did work on my fone, my babies they am xxx




Awesome,, you are so brave!!


You're doing really well.

Love the doggie pic. They're so sweet :)


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