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How is everyone??

Hello lovely people!!!

How are you all? I'm feeling quite great for 3-4 days and nearly 90% no anxiety, was bit surprised but I think its because I've stopped thinking like when will my anxiety get better, stop fight with it and just get on with things I normal do before has anxiety also on 1st day last week I was dreadful to go out and have my hair appt at Toni guy, wasn't feeling up to it but I thought right I have to go and don't let anxiety pull me down then I feel great, had a nice hair pampering and bought some pretty tops then starting fancy to go out more, did a long walking with my husband, dad in law and dog for 2 hours through pretty snow countryside and it made me feel good and anxiety wasn't on my thought at all!! I was being myself again and do more of housework without stay on bed and watch tv all day! I reaslied if you stay at home, do nothing and you will thinking more, more and don't want go out then it will keep you in circle and circle then your trapped, feeling horrible and worry more, only the way to escape is drag yourself out of the house, don't matter if you are not feeling like it but the more you do it the more you feel good and anxiety/panic will reduce and disappearing slowly! I've stopped google as took whywhy's advice and it works

My appettie is back normal and no more sick feelings. It's how it works for me! I'm still taking magnesium, seven sea energtic which contain vitamin b complex in it with folic acids, co-enzyme 10 and omega 3/6 fish oil, also (seperate) vitamin D 1,000iu.... They does help!

Also I still drink a cup tea or coffee in the morning only with breakfast but during the day I drink tick tock green tea from tesco (3-4 cups) then a glass of water with dinner.

Always have a hot bath every night with sea salt (can be from sainsbury, boots & debenhams) they are very good for you as it remove the toxic also they got magnesium in it which help anxiety also ease your muscles tension/aches. Also think positive but don't question yourself like I want anxiety to go away, don't fight with it, just let them be there but don't take any notice of it, do more things like reading, house work, go out, try meet friends for cuppa and DO NOT feed your anxiety to your thoughts and keep away from google!!!!

Used to drink chamomile tea (Waitrose) before bedtime but my anxiety seem disappearing slowly and I didn't need it now as haven't drink it for last 3-4 days now but its a must in my cupboard incase I start feeling the mild anxiety.

Try those things what I've done and see how you feel?? I did it then you can DO IT!!! :-)

By the way I'm still seeing my counselling CBT every 2 weeks as I don't want to take the anti depressant tablets.

Sending you big hugs!! X x x

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Hi Minnie,

What a lovely cheerful post. I'm glad you're feeling better.

I am definitely going to try the vitamins. My eating is so erratic anyway it might be exactly what I need.

Lots of love,


Your welcome, look for vitamin b complex as it help you to increase your appetite also help with anxiety that's how it works with me! Seven sea is best as it got vitamin b complex, fish oil also co enzyme in it together but you would need buy vitamin D separate! Xx


HI Minnie, nice to hear you smiling, if you see what I mean! I've had a better day today too. My doctor told me to keep going out. Not easy,but it is helping me too. I hope you continue to improve.

Ann x


Thank you :-) glad to see your feeling better with a good day today! Your right its not easy but get out of the house is the best way to tackle your anxiety/panic and do more things then it will disappearing slowly!! You CAN so it! Remember don't feed your anxiety, just let them be there but don't take notice of it and stay smiling!! Xx


Hi Minnie

You are one of the most beautiful people i have ever come across , inside & out

It is a joy to read your post & will try some of your suggestions

I hope you keep feeling better by the day as you truly deserve to

Please dont stop posting on the site though as it needs people like you :-)

Love & hugs

whywhy xxx


Ah thank you darling! Your a truly lovely reassuring person! I will be staying on here and helping you all out!! Try those things I've suggested but remember do it don't matter if you are not feeling up to it but you will start see the light end of the tunnel and feel bit better!! Hope your teeth is healing nicely! :-) big hugs!! X x x

I've wrote on here that you helped me to not google as it works!! Xx





Hi minnie :)

Really pleased to hear your doing really well! Nice to hear positive feelings. Just two questions they going to sounds silly but; one what brand of vitamins did you get and where from? Also what type of sea salt did you put in the bath because i seen radox or someone said me sea salt which you get in tescos?!

I hope you continue to improve!

Amy :)



Thank you :-)

The vitamins I took got vitamin b complex with folic acids, co enzyme and omega 3/6 fish oil is seven sea called energetic which is blue packet from boots but I've seen it in Asda too...... Here is the link for you to have a look.

Vitamin d- you can get it any from shop but best to get the higher vitamin D like 500 to 1,000iu

And sea salt is called sea sea salt magik from debenham and you need buy 2 if you can and put about 4-5 handful of salt in bath with water up to your belly button. I put half packet of salt in it as its better for me! Check it out hun!!

Hope it helps!! Xx


Magnesium 300mg is from Asda as Asda brand and is only £2-3


Thank you this is really helpful as im suffering atm so im trying ways how to settle myself down before bed! Thanks again :) x x


Hi Minnie well done to you i am also having alot of good days you are right in everything you say i always say the good overrides the bad xx


What a nice post!

The bit Im struggling with is the nausea .... and actually being sick!! I cant force myself to do things because I feel so sick all the time.

going to see doc today as he thinks the anti dep is to blame .... although I was sick before I started meds :/ I dont know what to think anymore. I have no appetite and food repluses me :(

Mo x


Anxiety can make you feel that way , I often get that to , lack of wanting to eat

Hope the GP sorts this out , try & eat a little even if just a biscuite though as tablets on an empty stomach really doesnt help , done that & feel even more sick

Sometimes i have found the less I eat the more I dont want to as the body gets used to no food , so just try little things , if you can as it will help

If you are a poor eater , maybe some vitamins ? to make sure your body is getting what it needs , just check they are ok with any meds you take , usually they are

Good luck at GP , let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx


Try take vitamin b complex as it help you to increase appetie as it did helps me!! Try it?? X


Hi i have changed my eating habits i to couldnt eat properly but bad anxiety feeds off an empty stomach bfast is the most important meal of the day i never ate bfast but ive read that you must try to eat 20 minutes after getting up i do even if its a yogurt or a piece of fruit try to eat little and often instead of set meals it really does work xx


Thats me back from the Docs ...... def to stop citalopram as he thinks that after 12 days it shows that it isnt agreeing with me. He has given me cinnarizine tablets forthe sickness and dizziness and is going to speak to me again on fri to introduce a new type of anti dep poss ......

Dont know how I feel to be honest but trying to keep my anxiety at bay anyway I can :)


Hi minnie, jst 2 say i totaly agree wiv every1 else, u r a really nice caring yng lady + im so glad u r feelin better. u could work in a health shop or set up ur own internetshop. i too know quite a bit about alternative remedys + vitamins but its just i havnt found them 2 work 4 me so im not quite as pasionate as u r. but u do hav 2 b sensable + remember that most alternative remedys hav mild calmin properties + r not gonn a cut 4 people who r in crisis or havin a brkdwn as i hav found. i supose uve jst got 2 b sensible + find wot works 4 u. all this information gets confusing doesnt it, but anythin is worth a try wen u suffer frm this illness. hope u carry on feelin well minnie. wiv kindest regards leeanne.x


P.S minnie i do take magneseum,vitamins b complex, vitamins c +zinc + echanasia 4 my immune system, plus bathsalts but didnt get benefit frm drinkin tea. i havnt flt any difference takin the vits but u do hav 2 keep it up 4 lngterm benefits. its the herbal remedys + the chamomile tea i didnt get benefit frm but as i hav had a nerous brkdwn it would b insane 2 think herbs would treat it. there is 2 herbal remedys i swear by but cnt take myslf bcause im on strong meds + these r valerion + scullcap. u can also buy chamomile extract in tablet form + should b stronger than the teas. plse every1 check out naturesremedy on web dnt know the full address but if u type in the name it will come up. good luck all, hope u find somthin 2 hlp, plus i really do swear by valerion hops + scullcap, theyve bin treatin nervous illnesess 4 yrs wiv these. other common 1s r also starflower + passionflower. there is so many, u jst hav 2 try them till u find 1 that works 4 u. xx


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