Earl grey tea benefits for anxiety & depression!!!

Earl grey tea benefits for anxiety & depression!!!

Read the information about earl grey tea and was very surpised that they got great benefit for depression and anxiety so thought to share this link with you all my lovely depression & anxiety friends!!!!! :-)

I've bought one earl grey organic clipper today from tesco and they taste so nice also refreshing!! Going to bring some to rose's garden party tonight!

If you don't like green tea & chamomile then try this one?!


Reviews by other people for a proof

Pamie Carpenter

Have to agree with this, I suffer from anxiety and after two days of not having it, I started getting anxious randomly. I drink it all the time now :)

Apr 18, 2012

Srdjan Ivkovic

the best antidepressant ever instantly works!!!!!

Nov 6, 2012

Goca Skukan

the best tea ever you.gotta try it for depression works wonders

Nov 6, 2012

Hugs x x x


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14 Replies

  • I dint no there was a garden party later lol can you bring a cup for me as well to try :-)

    Thank you Minnie


    whywhy xxx

  • Lol I just fancy it and surely rose wont mind!!!! ;-)

    Yes will bring lots of earl grey tea bags for you & others to try it! It is well delicious! You could buy some?! Hugs x x x

  • Ah that sounds wicked could do with a bucket full the way my panic attacks have been let me know how you go with it will buy some to try thanks xx

  • Yes worth to try them! I'm drinking 2nd cup of earl grey and its well delicious also refreshing!! Will see how it goes this week to see any benefits! Hope your panic will reduced by those herbals- earl grey or green tea "tick tock" or chamomile flowers from Waitrose? Xx

  • I,ve asked this about green tea,but do you put milk or sugar in E/G tea,I have been drinking green tea .

  • You shouldn't add sugar or milk in green tea as should be drinking it on own with boiling water..... Look at reviews there as I've just added on my blog from other people about earl grey tea! X

  • I put milk and sugar in my earl grey but you don't have to. Lidl sell a nice earl grey if you don't want fork out for Twinings. They also sell some nice flavoured green teas (vanilla,lemon etc.)

  • Yes you can but it said add milk either sugar in it will reduce the benefits? Best to drinking just on it own with hot boiling water x

  • I am sure BriarRose drinks it,if you are going to her garden you better take some for Rose as well.

  • Yes I have said that I will bring lots for all people at the garden party! X

  • thank you for the link i will have to get some from tesco :)

  • Your more than welcome!! :-) hope your ok! X

  • Hi Minnie, I love Earl Grey tea! If you're serving that I'm coming to the garden party too.

    Ann x

  • Yay that's great! Do you think its helping you?! Yes I will be serve them at rose's garden party tonight!! X

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