Rosie's garden party is at 7pm tonight, come & join!

Rosie's garden party is at 7pm tonight, come & join!

Hello lovely people!

I've decided to be Rosie's waitress tonight for a change so would let Rosie to have a good unwind & do nothing, relaxing with you all! Just lay on soft scent chamomile grass, look at beauitful twinkles star, moonlight, glowing fairies flying around also uv glow butterflies and drinking whatever you like in your hand-

Drinks choice tonight!

Earl grey tea

Green tea

Chamomile flower tea

Irish coffee (Rosie you are only allowed to have up to 2-3 glass after too many lately! ;-)

Tia Maria

Bailey with ice

Red or white wine

Also I will be serving a homemade fruit scones with clotted cream and locally jam, carrot cakes with walnuts, Victorian sponge and some cheeky cupcakes!

Enjoy the party BUT don't give those to the monkeys!!!!! ;-)

Leave your worries, anxiety and depression at the gates!

X x x x


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61 Replies

  • Minnie thats lovely & the garden just looks like it should in the pic , you are clever

    You are a good second in charge to Rose , she will be impressed , she has trained you up well

    I may be a little late but will attend ;)

    I want the cheeky cupcakes please

    I do agree we should limit Rose with the irish coffee as well ;) even though she may have something to say about it lol

    See You later




  • Aww thank you! Yes I love this pic too as its what Rosie's garden looks like since she opened it!

    Well she will tell something about it but I'm sure she will agreed to it just for tonight!

    Will serve you some cheeky cupcakes when you arrive and of course lots of detrrol anti bacterial wipes for you to wipe everywhere you sit lol!! so you won't have to worry about cos I've spoken to Rosie that we need to order a special anti bacterial chamomile lawn grass just for you where you can lay and don't have to worry about cleaning as people are not allow to sit or lay on your small lawn grass

    See you later honey x x x

  • Well Im here Minnie & its spotless , so I have no worries & feel relaxed

    I am going to watch these butterflies & admire the beautiful colours while my cheeky cup cake comes ;)


  • Yay I've been cleaning all day before it opens! Phew and I've found 6 empty bottles of Irish coffee behind the rock opposite to the river falls! Oh Rosie look bit tipsy already after 2 glass of Irish coffee tonight, think its enough?! What do you think?! Oh want her to enjoy?!? Desicions and desicions?! Lol!!! Xxxx

  • Well she is such a lovely woman & helps us all & makes us feel special , I think we should let her enjoy it ;) we can let her sleep it of in the garden

    What is in these cheeky cup cakes then Minnie or is it a secret ?


  • Yes I agreed my lovely! Oh it's just simple lovely vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream but made with real vanilla stuff ;-) xxx

  • It must be that real vanilla stuff that is making them so yummy ;)

    I think the monkeys are eyeing them up though Minnie so you will have to watch them


  • Aww Minnie, that's so sweet of you, you've worked so hard getting the garden so lovely and so clean for Whywhy too - the picture is perfect - thank you so much!!!

    Yes, think I've been overdoing the Irish coffee lately, so could I just have some refreshing Earl Grey and some carrot cake, please - that would be lovely! :) I'm just going to stretch out on this camomile lawn, and watch the butterflies for a bit - so pretty!

    Bless you, hun,this is lovely! :)

    Hello everybody, isn't this sweet of Minnie?

    xxxxxxxx :) xxxxxx

  • She is trying to look after us while you have a rest bless her

    Glad you have come though rose , the garden is extra special now ;)

    Not sure where Minnie is at the mo , unless she is on your irish coffee , can you see her any where ?


  • I think she's just getting me my Earl Grey and carrot cake - hope those monkeys haven't got at it! :( But we mustn't let her work too hard, she needs to enjoy the garden too! xxxxx

  • well the monkeys have took my last cheeky cup cake with the special vanilla :-(


  • Oh no! I'm sure there are more cup cakes, hun - but might have a word with the fairies about teaching those monkeys some manners! We CAN'T have thieving in the garden - the very idea! Here, love,have some of my carrot cake - \Minnie made it, it's gorgeous!!!! :) xxxx

  • Than you Rose , i heard fadedlizard mention scones as well , think I will have both as this is the best

    I will just put the cup cakes down to a life event i think ;)


  • :-D xxxxxx

  • Hi Minnie,

    Fab idea - partying on a school night!! Just what the doctor ordered. That carrot cake looks delish - you have been busy. Think I'll try the Earl Gray too - definitely need to relax tonight - it's been a busy day!!!

    Now where are those monkeys? I hope you've got them under control!!!!

  • Thank you hun!! Hope you are enjoying homemade carrot & walnut cake? Oh well I have sent the monkeys to the top of trees as I knew your scared of them so they decided to munch on lots of banana right now and enjoying watch you all down from the trees!!! :-) your in a safe hands hun! Going to bring you cup of earl grey now xx

  • That's great - they look happy up there so I'll stay here and dabble my feet in the stream. I love the way the butterflies are darting round the flowers. Their colours really glow once it starts to turn towards dusk.

    Love the cake and the tea is doing its work. Feeling lovely and relaxed.

  • Oops the monkeys are off the bananas - watch out WhyWhy - they're eating the cupcakes!!!

  • Not the special vaniila ones ;)

    Minnie , take control , my cupcakes !!!


  • Thought I'd pop in and say hello to my new friends....

    Earl Grey for me with some yummy carrot cake....delish!!

    Thank you so much


  • Good choice, I'd definitely recommend them both :)

    Welcome to the party. Don't leave your plate unattended long though - the monkeys like cake!!!!

  • (((((((((((((((MINNIE)))))))))))))))

    Cant find you , need the faries to bring some more cheeky cupcakes , one of those monkeys have just grabbed the last one !


  • Sorry WhyWhy, I tried to grab it back but the monkey was too quick!!!

    Or maybe I'm still a bit to wary of the monkeys to get too close.

    It looks really cute though sitting up there with butter icing all over it's whiskers!!!

  • I no you tried , think I will lay in the sun for a while now , i am sure the faries will bring more in a while

    The grass is so clean as well Minnie has done a good job here , i have no worries what so ever about dirt , this is just spotless :-)


  • hello, sorry im late. can I have sum earl tea and carrot cake. I really need to relax myself after today :-) xxx

  • Hi Donaf,

    Come in and relax.

    There's plenty of tea left but we're a bit short on cakes. Those monkey's are really nippy. Don't think they've spotted the scones yet though so maybe we should have one of those ?

  • Yes here is earl grey in pretty floral mug for you with slice of carrot & walnut cake!! ;-) enjoy it!!! Try relax and look at those pretty butterflies apart from crazy monkeys!!!!! Xxx

  • Rose, can you tell me how I get into your party, I have asked several times about the chat room, can you please tell me what I sign into to get into chat, please answer me Lindenlea.

  • Hi Lindenlea

    You are in the garden party ;)

    Send Rose a PM with your email it can be a made up one if you dont want to use your own & she will send you a link

    Enjoy the garden but watch the monkeys , they are cheeky ;)


  • Ooo look, the fairies are bringing more cupcakes - yipee :)

  • Yes I've sent fairies to bring special cupcakes to you all!! Enjoy it and keep your eyes on cupcakes cos monkeys is staring at them!!!!! Xx

  • Dear Rose I do not understand the above message, what is a PM and what is the e mail, I would so like to have someone to chat to, Looks a very nice garden, Thankyou, please answer me Lindenlea.

  • If you go on to Roses name & go on to her profile , it will say private message , you can send her a message & she will get back to you

    Its a lovely gardemn , you relax & there are no worries here , except you have to watch the monkeys sometimes ;)


  • Lindenlea, hun, I HAVE sent you an invite, you're on the member list in the chatroom - if you have not received an email - check your junk mail - I've just sent you another - then click on the link and it will take you to the chatroom. It miht be confusing because the invite appears under my real email - I didn't know that when I set up the chatroom lol! - so I will send you a private message with my email so you can look for it in your Inbox and Junk mail folder - ok? Sorry you're having so much trouble, hun, but you ARE a member of the chatroom!!! Lots of love Rose xxx

  • There's more cake, LL, quick grab one before the monkeys try to pinch them!!!

    Oh and welcome to Rose's Garden - come in and relax.xx

  • Relax, everyone, I've sent the monkeys back up the trees, and said if they steal any more food - other than bananas! - i will BAN them from the Garden forever. They're looking very guilty and said they're very sorry for stealing the cupcakes! :( xxxxxxx

  • Ah the monkeys have gone.

    What a relief - I can stop cuddling the cupcakes. I was getting all sticky!!!!

    Thank you, Rose :)

  • :) xxxx

  • Haha sorry about it!! Gone to bake some banana muffins for the monkeys!!!! So they can leave you alone especially cakes!!!! X x x

  • Ah thank you, can't believe you are still standing up straight after few cheeky of Irish coffee tonight! Oh sighs those monkey are so naughty but cheeky ;-) right.... I've decided to bake some banana muffins for monkeys so they won't steal our cakes!!!!! ;-) x x x x

  • Oh good idea - though I like those too so maybe I'll have to be brave and steal some back off the monkeys!!!

    Make sure you keep some cake for yourself too.

    Come and relax.

    The butterflies dance is beautiful

  • Yes I will bake some banana loaf for us people so we won't have to worry about sneak and steak monkey's banana muffins lol! Once baking is done I will join you all, unwind and a glass of ice bailey in my hands, watching those beautiful butterflies..... Ah bliss!! Xxx

  • Am I too late? I fell asleep! Love the picture.


  • Noooo your not late!! Come join us but excuse me there are few tipsy people lol! X

  • Oooh lovely place. Thanks Minnie. I'm putting the kettle on...anyone for more Earl Grey tea? x

  • Oooh thanks, AnnChus, I'll have some Earl Grey too! :) Minnie, is there any carrot cake left - it was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much, it's been a lovely evening in the Garden - maybe we should change the name to Rose and Minnie's Garden? ;) xxxxx

  • Me me me me pls!!!!! :-) xx

  • I'll use those lovely cups. :) Any vanilla cupcakes left? x

  • One left so you better grab it before us & the monkey lol!!! Isn't it delicious? Well done to me as I've baked them with special vanilla stuff!! X

  • Hi everyone , just had a doze , whats been happening ?

    Seems the party has gone well :-)


  • Some of you fell asleep after too many of drinks tonight and I think its because you all enjoyed the cakes, great party with lovely people also all pretty stuff at garden had made us feeling so so relaxed tonight!! It's time for us all to lay on scent chamomile grass and maybe sing the song, watch the stars twinkle & moon shining at us before drift to sleep all together together but I've knitted you all a lovely comfy blanket to keep warm for tonight as its bit colder as think snow is on its way maybe?!? Xxx

  • Rose where are YOU?!? We can't find you :-( xxx

  • Oh dear I've found HER!!! She's sleeping on the tree branch with the monkeys and Irish coffee bottle in her hand! She looks so relaxed and feeling comfy with monkey so I think I better leave her there but incase she fall down, there are thick fluffy wool on the ground that will catch her and wrap her up warmly during the night so leave us with no worries!!!! Xxx

  • Oh dear - that was a bit embarrassing! ;) You see, the monkeys looked so sad because I'd told them off, and I wanted to see what the garden looked like from the tree-tops - so i climbed up to cheer the monkeys up - and guess what??? They had bottles and bottles of my Irish cream up there! :-O Well (embarrassed grin) - it was just toooo tempting, so I had a couple of glasses of Irish coffee, and fell asleep - in the tree!!!! The monkeys were very good, though, and they held onto me so i didn't fall - but thank you, Minnie, for putting some fluffy wool on the ground in case i did - that was SO thoughtful of you!

    But that's why i was asleep in the trees - so sorry, everyone, did I miss anything exciting? Not that we really want exciting in the Garden, just peace and relaxation - oh and lots of Minnie's carrot cake and cupcakes - they were delicious!

    Thank you so much for opening the Garden, Minnie, it was a real treat, everyone enjoyed themselves - bless you, you sweetie! Sorry I fell asleep! :(

    Lots of love



  • Its been a lovely party , you have really taken care of everyone & we have had everything we need , even now with your blankets

    Rose has had a nice break & was able to relax for a change which I bet she is feeling so relaxed now (with the help of her irish coffee)

    Thank you Minnie


    zzzzzzzzzzz for everone i think ? even the monkeys are sleeping ;-)


  • Awww thank you honey!

    It's been a great party tonight so its time for us all to go to bed but with the pretty floral comfy knitted blanket!! I've checked up on monkey and they are asleep right now but they have made a such mess by lots of banana skin everywhere!!! Lol!'

    Night night you all lovely people and see you all in the morning but hope you all won't get too hangover!!!!! X x x

  • Big s-t-r-e-t-c-h .... Oh Minnie, thank you for the lovely warm blankets. I was so warm and cosy when I woke up. Can we do this again soon? I've had a lovely time :)

  • Good morning!! I will ask Rosie to set up other party soon! Glad you all enjoyed it especially feeling comfy during the night with knitted blanket, isn't it cosy and warm?! ;-) right got to tidy up the garden now and make it spot-less! :-) have a nice day people!! X x x

  • Aww bless you, Minnie, hope you didn't work too hard, but you really made the Garden wonderful last night, so warm and welcoming :) Hope you're free Sunday afternoon, planning another party then - do come, hun, you're so good in the Garden - bless you! :) xxxxxx

  • Sunday afternoon, lovely Lizard! :) Hopefully make it a regular Sunday treat? Hope Minnie doesn't mind helping again, she was SO good last night, it was lovely! See you Sunday, hun? xxxxxxx :)

  • Hi Minnie,

    Its a beautiful picture. Thanks for making me smile

    Schneck xx

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