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Do I have anxiety? And if I do how do I overcome it?

Hello everyone!

For the past couple weeks I have been having lots of shaking and sweating moments specially at night. Feeling dizzzy here and there pretty bad. Also my bow movement is a lot different. I don't even feel as hungry any more. I been to the ER many times and they always asume is anxiety. Everyone who looks at me tells me I look weak and tired, or pail. Sometimes my heart will go fast but I try to ignore it. There is days I feel super sick like no joke. Like if I had the flu or if I was about to past out... my question is how do I know if the doctors are right on being anxiety? And how do I accept it? Also is there any natural ways to beat it?

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I can relate big time. I still question every day is all these symptoms I'm going through really anxiety. I'm battling with an unset stomach myself and I don't know if it's from the anxiety, my meds, or acid reflux. My appetite is so messed up and I was trying not to lose any more weight. I was never diagnosed with anxiety but every time I went to the er or called an ambulance to my home and I explained my syptoms first thing they say is you had a panic attack. And all this I'm experiencing I'm like it's so many other terrible things could be wrong with me. I'm like you, if the docs have done every check every blood work possible to rule out everything else then I can accept this could be anxiety


Thank you for replying and caring.

I been experiencing dizziness lately... like no joke. One hour I'll be bad and then later on that afternoon I would feel better. It has been really hard to sleep lately... the doctors assume I have anxiety but I am always honking what if there is something they are missing. I had anxiety before but it was more like rapid heart rate not dizziness. Last time I had anxiety it was like years ago. Now it is getting to the point where I feel weak and tired and dizzy. I don't even feel like eating I have to force myself to eat. The doctor told me to take some pills but the side effects are crazy like siuzures and ilussions. I also been losing weight.i also experience shaking nights where I sweat and feel hot and cold. What concerns me is that I haven't have a normal bowel movement in two weeks(sorry for tmi) I just want to see if there is someone out there who is going thru the same and see how to make it better what are the tips?


But I'm with you I want more test to reallly believe that I have anxiety.


I'm also going through the irregular bowel movements. I don't even know if it's ibs or if my body is going through something else bad. And see this us what frustrates me right back to my point. Why am I having bowel problems. One minute I'm constipated next it's loose or close to diarrhea next it's normal. And thus is also why I feel the docs are not checking for everything possible. Why haven't a doctor been able to say yet if I have ibs. To me thus means they are not checking everything. I have to force myself to eat too. I still can't get over how I use to be able to eat and sleep with no problem one time before. Easily. Now it's like I have to train and make myself learn how to do something that use to be no problem.


I understand how you feel. I feel the exact way. Also every time I ask other people who have anxiety they described different than mine... which makes me think I don't have that... I don't have chest pains or freak out on things is more like discomfort on my lower stomach. And also feeling weak and dizzy all day.


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