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Do you get good days can I have good days no matter how bad I am


Yes I'm having one today I did something I hav'nt done for 4 yrs maybe more I forget I visited a place I havnt been for yrs a place I used to visit regularly with my mrs and I've not been able to go there since she died but today I did and I've had a victory over the panics anxiety the pains the social phobia the rush there the even faster rush back so today I'm the daddy I won . How did I do it because I told myself if I didn't want to I didn't have to I did it for myself I didn't think about it for hours coming up with reasons why I shouldn't do it getting more and more worked up so give yourself a treat find something you want to do and do it don't go out looking at your feet look around enjoy the simple things there free and don't rush take it relaxed and you will be . You have a good day and be the daddy for once who knows you might get to like it and bury this anxiety pain in the ass for good....take care all ...Mel

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Well done. These small victories are what keep us going. Hope you have many more. We deserve them, with what we put ourselves through.


Well done Mel. That is some achievement, and the only way is up for you now. I do find that doing something on the spur of the moment is much better than a planned one.

Good luck

Good for you Mel. You should be really proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. Carol.

Well done wish I could do something like that, keep up the good work best wishes

Melgil58 in reply to Moaffa

I wish I could help you I've been to the place where you think I can't do that start with little things and build up you may have felt like this for a long time it won't change overnight but it can with patience you will have some set backs but you will have some wins next day start again ....wishing you well we're all there for you ....Mel

Thanks to you all it can be done take a small thing you want to do and do it don't think well what if this happens or that happens it won't and so what if it does you will have done it I can tell you maybe thinking well he's not as bad as I am I can assure you I've ended up in A n E for panic attacks too many times and I've just got fed up with this thinking I'm gonna drop dead at any minute the brain tumour the cancers the heart attacks every other illness under the Sun and none of them have bee true I've been like this for over 30 yrs it's ruined my life. I don't want it to ruin yours the way I see it if everybody. Who thought they had something seriously wrong with them was true the streets would be littered with people flopping about on the ground. I'm not belittling how you feel I know what the really bad times are like but get checked by your dr and believe him he's no reason to lie to you and take any help he offers you specially councilling it does help..... All the best try and live a better life good luck to you all .....Mel...

Well done Mel, it's good to hear some positive talk, when you feel anything but!!! xx

Melgil58 in reply to ellabella

Thanks I know what you mean I won't say its easy I won't say you don't get setbacks but I've had enuf with it I'm fed up with drs visits. I'm fed up with hospital checks with negative results so il give the other way a try and believe drs when they say they can't find anything and be positive .....I hope you'll be well all the best .....Mel

Really well done, Mel.. I lost my husband 3 years ago to cancer and there are still many places we frequented together in happier times that I can't cope with visiting alone. Your wife would be very proud of you..

Take care, G.

Melgil58 in reply to Gloriette

Thanks G so sorry about your husband I wish you well and be happy and take care too ....Mel.....

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