How is everyone feeling?

I've just come back from a 2 week holiday in Portugal.. My anxiety was through the roof, I hate flying and the panic of having a heart attack in a foreign country scared the life out of me.. Managed to survive the trip, although I don't feel like I enjoyed it as much as I should of done! I missed my sertraline tablet last night and my palpitations and nausea today is really bad. Could this be a side affect of missing only one pill??? X


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  • Hello

    Well rather looking at the negatives that maybe you did not enjoy it as much as you should have done look at the positives you did it ! :-)

    I think that missing one med maybe would not have made to much difference but could be more to do with the flight , the come down from feeling anxious etc

    I am sure once you get over the jet lag and get settled at home again you will start to feel fine :-)

    Try and think of all the good memories of the holiday I am sure there will be plenty when you do :-)

    Take Care x

  • I agree, think about what you enjoyed about your holiday. Did you get a lot of sunshine while you were away? That would have been good to get your vitamin D stores built up. What did you do while there and did you enjoy that?

    Also maybe your symptoms are worse cause you are stressing out about missing a tablet.

    Just take your next one on time and remind yourself that everything is okay and focus on the good things about your day and your holiday.

    Take care.

  • Thank you both.. I have to say I was hugely proud of myself for going, I was so tempted to back out at last minute but knew I couldn't let them down.. We did lots of fun activities and ate loads of food! I have felt brill today, I've managed to wash 2 suitcases worth of clothes and clean the whole of my house..

    We did get a lot of sunshine yes, my youngest son has a vit d deficiency but hates being in the sun. Xx

  • Dang you 👌 kw i feel the same way my fiancé wants to go to maryland for the weekend and iam terrified to go. I hate leaving my comfort zone being in another state scares me... The what if i get a heart attack and iam away from my family.. Etc.. I know that feeling.

  • Yes it was horrible but I had to keep telling myself I've felt like this for ages now and still not had a heart attack so the chances are that I'm probably gonna be ok.. U will feel better in yourself if u do it, u can beat it, ur the boss! X

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