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worst ever yet advice please!!!

hi everyone..ive been suffering with the flu for the past few days and its spiraled my anxiety out of control...i woke up in the night with severe sweating and a cold numb feeling rushing thru the whole of my body ive never had it like this before i was so frightened i almost rang 999 thinking i was about to die my husband said it was just the virus but i really felt awful i couldnt stop shaking and my whole body was soaked with sweat and i though what if ive got blood poisining from taking to many paracetamol and cough mixture i was in total fear...could it of been a combination of both flu symptons and anxiety? Lisa x

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Hi Lisa, It will be the flu love, we are so used to feeling ill that when we have a virus we don't know the difference sometimes. Your symptoms are typical of a temperature. It sounds as if the fever has broken and you should start to feel a little better. Hopefully it won't go to your chest. A lot of anxiety sufferers get these flu viruses after a period of extreme stress ( such as Christmas ) drink plenty fluids and keep warm and dry lovie Love x Ella x


Hi. Lisa. It is really surprising how anxiety can 'mimic' any sort of illness, especially the Flu. As ella says, it is difficult to know which from which. All the symtoms you describe are like those of Flu; also they are like those of anxiety. Flu lasts a lot less longer than anxiety so you will soon be able to sort out which is which!!. By the way, it would be difficult to die from an overdose of paracetamol or cough mixture! Very, very difficult, so don't worry about that. Blessings and try and have a better New Year. Love. jonathan.


Hi guys...Thanks for the kind words. i feel so silly for getting myself in such a panic over flu..ive had it a few times before even swine flu and ive normaly rested took some lemsip and let it run its cause without anybother ... blooming anxiety so odd how it can effect the mind.Lisa x


Hi Lisa, hope your feeling better now.I overdosed on 20 cocodamol which contains 10000mg of paracetamol and 600 mgs of codeine with a bottle of vodka.I went in to A&E and could've been fatal.Im recovering from my depression issues by following proper meds from GP,attending counseling sessions and by trying to give up drinking with help from addaction.In regards to your anxiety,pls see your GP and a little prescription may help you going.I stopped the meds and the consequences weren't good.I will keep you in my prayers.God bless and feel better soon. Sam xx


Manuka honey & lemon in hot water will help a lot as me and husband swear by it! Buy it from tesco or Asda "antibacterial manuka honey" can be +5 either 10 but its bit expensive but best cure for flu, cold, infections etc!! Drink it 2-3 time a day with half fresh lemon in every cup you drink with 2 tablespoon of honey! Get better soon xx


Hi Lisa

Hope you are feeling better.I have had Panic/Anxiety disorder for over 35yrs most recently Health Anxiety .This caused me be on the alert for any symptoms that would tell me I was going to die.Any slightest change in my body ie Headache,Stomach pain,Sweating etc,etc sends my Anxiety through the roof.Any sensations are magnified ten fold.Please keep telling yourself these are just symptoms of your flu and thousands are people are experiencing the same thing.

CBT really helped me with my Health Anxiety .Its great that we have this site and can support each other and see that we are not alone

Be kind to your body it really is just looking after you with its defence mechanism

Get Well Soon



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