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Am i going to have a heart attack im really scared!!

Hi.... ive had flu for the last 5 days now and i noticed a kind of tapping in the middle of my chest its not there when im up and walking around i notice it more in bed or when im sat down, i hear stories of people having heart attacks after having flu and now im wondering if the flu of weakened my heart? im aslo getting dizzy spells im confused cause it could be my anxiety being a demon again....Lisa

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Hi Lisa, I suspect it could be that you are having a heightened awareness of your heart and it is your anxiety that is doing it, focusing on it. Is your pulse normal? Don't worry if it's fast, if you are anxious it's bound to be. Having flu can drain us mentally as much as it does physically so your defences will be down and your anxiety will feed on this.


hi lisa..Anxiety!!!......heart,lungs,bums or tums...it will find something, dont worry to much, don,t feed the fear, as you calm down it will disappear.

My thoughts are with you....x ..........Tommorows another day.x


That just about sums it up. 'Heart, lungs, bums or tums'. That has got to be the best explanation of nervous anxiety and how it can affect one I have ever heard. Good on yer, stde. Best wishes. J.


Hi Lisa,

I have exactly the same feeling but apparently It is because we have had a virus, It is somthing that can happen with a bad virus and the feeling of the fluttering in our chest can last upto 3 weeks. I had this before and it did go In this time. You will be fine but If you still feel concerened see your GP.

Lots of fairy dust

Tinks x


I would certainly say it is your anxiety demon playing games with you again. Ive had the flu once in my life, and i really thought i was dying, it was horrible. Anxiety plays tricks and mind games, brush off your little demon and concentrate on something else, maybe a game on your computer or read a mushy book, (ive read all the Christian Grey books, its a lovely story lol ;) ) Oh and stop googling, you will only scare yourself and feed your demon ;)

Anxiety can cause dizzyness as well, its heightened adrenalin fluctuating around your body, plus getting over the flu, your body is fighting the virus and the more your body is winning the war im sorry to say, the worse you will feel until the virus has been defeated. Its a fascintating war you have going on there, and it sounds as though you are winning, so sit back, relax and let your immune system do its job. All the phlegm, snot and goo that is coming out of you is your bodys way of telling you that you are winning, so just chillax and let yourself get better. Plenty of fluids and paracetamol to help with pain.

I watched a documentary once on how our body fights viruses and infections, it was really fascinating and put my mind at ease of how powerful our body really is.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi, I've also had a cold/virus this past week or so and my anxiety has latched onto it! I've spent the past week thinking I'm having a heart attack but I've survived so far, as I always do! It's so hard to get it out of your head when you have symptoms. All I have done is rest when I can and ride the storm. Then when you start feeling better each time you do start to realise it is just the anxiety symptoms. Rebecca.


Hi,sounds very worrying and concerning.It's essential that our heart and lungs are looked after,after all they do keep us alive.Flu can cause problems with the heart although i think it is rare,and as you feel better when up and moving around,this would normally put more pressure on the heart,(moving around=increased heart rate),so it would seem your chest problems are unlikely to be heart.As you have flu,the most likely cause is your lungs.Could you see a doctor,just to put your mind at rest and for total security of health?Josef


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