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So for the past few days i feel my depression and anxiety getting worse. It doesnt help that theres some skatty girls having ago at me each and everytime i walk past with my 4 yo daughter. Plus one of them has gone for me whilst with my daughter. She wont be doing that again mind since she was floored twice 😂 but i can feel a rage ive never felt before and im getting a little bit worried im going to snap and not find my way back. Any body have any ideas on what to do please.

(Btw i am not a fighter nor a girl who enjoys confrontation atal and my main concern is always to protect my daughter!)

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Just saw your post come up.

My tolerance levels have changed as i get older and yours have to,you have a daughter and a lot of worries on your mind about the future and i cldnt imagine having endo with a child to take care of.

Whats important in life has more meaning now and that is a sign of your maturity compared to these other ladies who have yet to tackle such problems.

Your not losing it you just have worries that are a little bigger than what to wear when you get up in the morning.

You will come good in your thoughts just like a cycle it is and you know why?

Cause your a winner and a fighter.

We are the type of people who never give up we just find a way around and thats why we will always survive.


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I also saw this line in a movie the other day called bridge of spies.

True story too.

The russian agent captured by america during the war.

They were going to execute him and he was quite calm about it.

I was amazed.

They gave him a lawyer who asked him "arent you worried".

The spy replied" would it help?"

Ive been repeating that to myself ever since when i worry about something

"Does it help"

Its only taken me 42 years to work out that it doesnt help!

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Sounds like things are getting on top of you

I am not a fighter either and I walk away from confrontation as it is so not worth it most of the time but will not allow myself to be a door mat for anyone at the same time but like you even though my children are all adults now the protective instinct as a Mother was and is the only time I will stand and give as good back as I might get

Saying all this it does not sound good that someone would be behaving this way towards you , I mean it is against the law if someone is intimidating you or using threatening behavior and you could report this to the police ?

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you are feeling and what is happening in your life , if you have an understanding Doctor they can offer support and that is something I would do

I know when thinks feel like they are all getting on top of us we feel like we are going to explode and the way we feel can be quiet frightening as it feels like we are loosing control , I have in the past gone and screamed in my pillow and thumped that and believe it or not all the pent up anger and frustration it has helped to get it all out :-)

Think about talking with your Doctor even if you have before and if one in the surgery is not very helpful try talking with another one in the same surgery that might be more understanding , meanwhile you have now found a really supportive Community where you can come and vent and get things of your chest and I hope that helps even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x

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Hi !! Do yourself a favor and try to avoid meeting up with this person. Keep your head up and try to ignore these situations which will only make matters worse for you. You are already the better person by being a good mother who is concerned about her child"s safety. Stay focused and concentrate on staying healthy and don't waste your energy on evil people. God Bless you😊

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Thankyou all for the lovely comments i have now moved away from the area. I am struggling still with my depression its becoming an everyday tackle my meds were upoed but it seems to have gotten worse im awaiting the docotors to call me back hopefully with an appointment todat xx


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