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Worst attack I’ve ever had


Hi I just had the WORST panic attach I’ve ever had .....my head hurt a little, my eyes started going blurry and then my body went numb and darkness all around me .. I literally thought I was going to die and need an ambulance .. ended up at my doctors and heart beating so fast..

Anyone experienced this

I’m scared and don’t want medication

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Samantha, I have experienced that dark panic attack in the past. What did your doctor say? x

I’m still scared tho

I’m not having a stroke it’s stress and panic and breath

That's what I wanted to hear in that your doctor said it was stress and panic and not a physical issue. I so understand how it doesn't make it any easier right now. You can learn to overcome the panic due to stress w/o medication if you choose. Medication is only a quick bandaid effect anyway. You want something that in the long run will keep you stabilized and avoid going into a panic attack. It can be done Samantha. Not today or tomorrow after all there is no magic cure. It takes time as it took time for your mind and body to get to this point of response to stress.

Right now you are so overwhelmed and recovering from what you went through that anything I would say wouldn't be believed. Your mind needs to calm down so that you are open to suggestions from the others on the forum. Just keep in mind that this too will pass eventually. Eventually there will be no more panic attacks. Oh anxiety may hang around and try to provoke you but you will be well trained in keeping yourself in control.

Right now work on your breathing. You cannot be anxious or stressed and be deep breathing properly. They work against each other. We are here for you, walking the path together. You are never alone. Never...It's okay if you are scared, that's normal right now. Talk to us today to relieve your fears. We really care. :) xx

Hey w do you deal with it... the dark attack was the WORST ever ..... I can’t explain how bad it was x

It wasn't easy Samantha plus it happened that severely many years ago. Since then I have grown and learned everything I could about the Mind/Body Connection and what I can do to stay in control during a panic attack. More therapy than I care to count, medication for years which I'm no longer on as well as in patient hospitalization. Learning to let go of what has happened to us during a dark time is very important or our minds will keep replaying it.

Knowing what is happening to us can help us learn methods to get back control before it gets to a dark place. Professional help as well as meds can make a difference in how you accept what is happening as well as knowing it WILL pass.

Keep using the forum for support. You need to know you are not alone and that you are safe and cared about by us. :) xx

One doctor said I can do this without meds and another said I can’t... that scares me bocause I don’t wanna take meds I’m too scared I physically cannot do it .. I’m scared of having an attack once I’ve taken it and side effects .. please help

What you are experiencing right now is very normal for the anxious person. We need to be in control but it is not always an easy request. There comes a time that we have to trust the judgment of our doctor. In your case, you have 2 different opinions. Most of us are afraid of medications because of the "what ifs" about it. There is no guarantee in life but if we stay stuck and do nothing, then we gain nothing. Medication and therapy for a short term is the way to break that cycle of fear begets fear. That doesn't mean you will be on it forever. While on medication that would be the time to learn other methods/tools in dealing with symptoms of anxiety. Once you become proficient in that, you can be taken off your meds.

One step at a time, there is no right or wrong way. We support you either way. Once you have a plan in place, the level of anxiety will come down some. It's the uneasiness of not knowing that causes anxiety to rise. Ask your doctors questions and then make your decision which path to take. With or without medication. Good Luck dear. :) xx

Thank you .. your lovely... I am debating weather to just try and start smoking weed again? I never had this before I gave that up

I'm sorry Samantha, that I don't know anything about. That is interesting though that this all started when you stopped smoking weed. Maybe others on the forum can share their experiences with that issue. xx

The doctor wants me to start progablyn

Lyrica is usually used for pain. I was given it at one time for my Fibromyalgia.

There are some patients that swear by their relief from anxiety as well.

Talk it over with your doctor so you feel comfortable in starting it. x

I had this once in my life about 10 years ago. I now wish i had stared medication earlier in my life as it seems to be helping.

Samantha123_57 in reply to Nfo9

I suffer health anxiety too and can’t take medication .. scares me .. can’t even take the pill or paracetamol

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