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need some reassurance please


im feeling absolutely awful,ive got bad acid indigestion pains im really dizzy and lightheaded feel like iswaying even though im lying on my bed,ive got constant chest tightness and my heart keeps palpitating which is scarying me and i kee getting sharp stabbing pains in my ears and to top it off my monthly cycle is due.I feel like im getting worse i managed to go out this morn with my dad just to local shop and back but felt horrible was anxious the whole time i was starting to get panicky cos of my symptoms.How am i ever going to be free of this anxiety?i dont see no end to it al i just wanna cry very emotional fed up of feeling rubbish all the time even when i try to distract myself i.e cleaning or cutting the grass im symptomatic my adrenaline is pumping all the time.Does it ever get any better?and if so how ive been like this for 7 years off and on but the past year has been worse than ever.Its like im waiting for my next attack.I am awaiting therapy but i know this has got to come from me i need some guidance or a recovery plan i dont feel i can do this on my own.Im scared.Any advice would be really appreciated.

claire uk xx

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Hi Claire,

Those of us on here understand your feeling better than anyone else. I've found that different hobbies really help me out. I love photography and enjoying the nice weather (while it lasts) by sitting outside and reading a book. What do you enjoy?


Hello Starlit,

I enjoy reading and drawing and i have ordered a jigsaw board so i can start doing adult jigsaws.I think this will help keeping myself busy its just finding thing to keep busy all day long.Thankyou for ur help.



Hi Claire. Please please just try to relax a little. The symptoms your having are those of your panic attacks.

I know its not easy but you really do need to try and focus better.

I was once where you are now and i know how scary and horrifying it is hun so i have lots of empathy with you.

Seriously hun you are doing fine, if you was not doing fine how have you found the strength to come on here, so that is your starting point hun.

Maybe laying on your bed is not the answer.

Maybe you need to sit in a chair or something, try being close to the window so you can feel the fresh air.

What you have done is simply let the attack take over you and hidden away from the fear of being out, it is nothing to feel bad about because i was in the exact position so this is why i am trying to express that honestly it is just the feelings your experiencing and nothing more because you have panicked yourself so much your symptoms have got worse.

I have recently removed my blogs because i felt i was bullied into it but you know something hun after readying this question of yours i am more determined now to put them back because i feel you would benefit greatly with them.

Is there anything i can do to help you now ? please do not feel scared your not alone.

Your simply just having symptoms because of your panic. Please try to remember this hun. x

Hi Debs,

Thankyou for replying to me im so pleased youve stayed on here.I really appreciate your kind words and help.My symptoms really do scare me there so intense,it doesnt matter what i do i dont feel any relief even though ive started going out everyday.Im going to my local shop everyday and im still anxious and panicky about it why?something so simple.How do i densensitise myself?how do i slow down the adrenaline?did u get a symptom that when ur heart races u get a acid indigestion pain in the back of my throat with it which takes my breth away horrible?this one is a new one.Is there anything i can take for the acid indigestion? xx

Hi Claire, first of all i am very sorry that you are feeling bad, we all understand. please take good care of your diet, anxiety gave me IBS (main reason anxiety slows down our metabolism and mess up our indisgestion)

taking over the counter relief now is ok, best one worked for me is Gaviscon.

but this is not the solution, you have to work on the main issue which is daily stress and diet. always try to eat in a relaxed environemnt and change your diet to an Alkaline diet. all the food we eat today is acid base which hurts the stomach and intestines. believe me i have been suffering for ages, and it cause me palpitations and fluttering very weird and horrible, got too much gas inside me that one i think i will float in the air :) just to make you laugh. someitmes i feel like gas is rushing up to my chest and sometimes it feels like they explode in chest area which scares me alot, but i try to panic but it put me down.

drinking fresh ginger with lemon and pure honey will relief your indigestion/gas/toxins. please let me know if you need any more information about diet.



Hu hun...

As for acid indigestion, i was getting this a great deal when i was really bad as you are now. It got me down so much but all i drank was boiled water and honey or boiled water and lemon.

I don't take sugar so sometimes i felt that i may need a sugar boost so would have this in a cup of coffee, although coffee is not the best remedy to have lol.

Anyway after years of putting up with it and my breathing getting worse by the day, by the minute eventually it wore me out.

Then i started with a really bad chest infection, i really felt like i was suffocating i had to come out of work, get in my car and go straight to the docs, it was awful, terrifying to the point i was thinking all kinds while driving, not the best solution to drive when like this because the things going through your mind and the actually struggling to breathe can be disastrous consequences so bad idea but i had to get to my GP... Anyhow they found i had a lung infection then things just got worse so off to hospital and seeing consultants then they diagnosed me with Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease which i will give you a run down off after this message. Its not nice and the feelings are there all the time but i continued with boiled water and to date i still drink it and i feel it really does help but i have it with lemon or honey.

I know how your feeling hun with all of this and i really do empathize with you in every way and every moment your going through this but all i can suggest is the same as starlit taking up a hobby.

You mentioned the jogsaw.

Great idea.

Is there anything else you would like to do or have done and enjoyed.

I know everything seems as though it is not working but honestly hun you are making huge progress because your going out every day, that is a big big step.

That is more than i managed to do so yes be pleased about this and ask yourself something about how you feel as a person. I found that i use to dislike myself and lots of things i did and did not do but you know something hun i got to the stage that the only person that mattered was me and getting myself better.

Now i know how hard it is for people out there, you being a good example of how i was and in all honesty how i am now, i still have panic attacks every day and feel let down sometimes by the system but i just get on with it and accept the feelings, i tell myself every time i have an attack they are just feelings and i got stop panicking and then i get up and clean, i can clean more times a day than i care to mention, xx I do hope something here has helped or triggered something that may be of use to yourself.

You are doing great claire please don't give in to this horrible feeling. Keep your mind focused. Do you like gardening, making things, i started making cards, get yourself some plain card, n put something together, you will get yourself lost in it because you have to think about it.

I have put a couple blogs back on because i wont be on until later this evening now so please take a look and i do hope they will help.

Im going offline as my granddaughter is coming down and she will be with me for a few days but please keep me posted and ask anything i will reply but it will be after my granddaughter goes to bed.

Your doing great claire honest.... xxx


Just read response from rouri and that is great i can tell you. Food is a lot of our problems. lol I cannot comment on that side of it as i have a very poor diet too but i will keep looking out for rouri's replies to food, keep it up rouri its very beneficial to everyone to understand food. xx

Hi Rouri,

Il give that a go il get some herbal ginger and lemon n honey tea i believe tescos do it.Thanks for telling me that anxiety affects ur indigestion system i never knew that.I get the heart fluttering thing aswell it is very strange.Il let u know how it goes thankyou really appreciate your help. xx


Rouri i believe green tea is good as well

rouri in reply to Hidden

ya green tea os good but some of them have caffeine so just be careful.

i researched Turmeric as well but haven't tried it.

Fennel and Anaside as well very good for gas, but ginger tops it because it get rid of toxins on top of all :)

No need for thx honestly i just put whatever worked for me.

as i will advice don't take already made ones, please make a little effort and do it at home, buy fresh ginger and cut a small piece add some water and boil it for 12mins, take it off and add half tea spoon of honey and lime, now first when you try it is not that plesant and you might feel a bit warm as ginger is very strong in taste, but when you continue drinking you will like it actually. if you find you need to add a little more hoeny or lime make sure you do it to your taste to be able to drink it, make sure honey with no added sugar. ginger must be about 3cm height and 2 cm width, then cut it into small pieces when boiling it.


ok il get some when i order my shopping on thursday.Home made is always the best.Thankyou.I hope ur doing ok . xx


I've been through the indigestion/stomach acid misery with anxiety and eventually the GP put me on Lo-sec (Omeprazole) which reduces generation of acid & really helped. You have to get it on prescription. Hope you can get on to therapy soon as that was the key to my recovery. Best wishes.

what i do is tell my self to stop being silly iv got really bad anxiety always look at symtoms i find that make me worse have you been to your gp ? or even changed your diet .

hello yes im the same been to see gp im waiting on cbt therapy gotta have home therapy to start off with as im unable to travel at the mo as im agarophobic and i have panic/anxiety disorder .Ive tried meds but they made me worse coudnt handle the symptoms on top of everything else.Im hoping once i start therapy il make progress.I hope ur ok are u taking anything?

I have been on Inderal 10 mgs for rapid heartbeat and it helped a lot. Just having less chest anxiety helped immensely.

I hope you feel better soon! Ive battled anxiety since age 12 with panic attacks at that age from a stressful home environment. Joining a gym, taking walks to rid myself of tension was a life saver.

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