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Hello everyone, i started to f...


Hello everyone, i started to feel alot of anxiety. And its so scary. I cant concentrate on anything. My whole body feels shaky.... i feel nervous. Ive been feeling like this for about a week every single day. I also throw up, feel cold all the time. Im just scared im always going to feel like this. Anyone have aome advice. Will i be ok? I feel like it will never go away.

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Hi Marcy,

Yes you will be okay and you are not alone in feeling like this.

I have suffered from severe anxiety and it does feel scary at first.

There is a lot of things that you can do and try to.help with the anxiety attacks. It may sound simple but learning some breathing exercises is a good quick way to help control how you are feeling. Learning what makes you anxious and how to prepare for those situations or even learning how to adjust your thinking and situations and stresses help.

Most importantly is getting help from a professional and working hard on learning techniques to either control or dissipate stresses is good.

I have now got to the stage of coming off my medication that I was given 3.5 years ago to help with my anxieties. I know that I can come off the tablets because I have worked hard with doing various programs and seeing professionals that I can cope with most situations and those that I still get anxious about I can either avoid or I recover quicker from the anxiety attack.

Also please call one of the helpline charities when you feel anxious and scared because sometimes just talking can help.

Take care.

Marcy15 in reply to 20Voices

I appreciate it, because when i get that i also loose appetite and its scary to feel this way.

Hi Marcy15, because you say this has been going on for a week, I would suggest you see your doctor to make sure it is not a physical ailment going on. Hope you feel better soon. x

Marcy15 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much and yes, maybe it had to do with some pills i took. Hopefully it goes away, i feel feeling like this.

Hi Marcy 15

I know the feelings you are going through as experienced them myself when I suffered anxiety at it’s worse about 18 months ago .

Eventually , through learning about anxiety , I stopped fearing those awful feelings that

haunted me all day !

Excepted the horrid fear , tummy knots , shakes etc , with time it slowly left me alone and now have odd moments that come and go in second s .

I found audios called Dare ( by Barry McDough )and Claire weeks on nerves , were a great help in my recovery . ( also available in paperback )

I thought it would never go away but over time life returned as I knew it .

Hope this happens to you soon .


Paulina21 in reply to Paulina21

Ps Marcy 15

Ensure to be checked out by your GP to illuminate any medical issues x

If Anxiety is diagnosed then don’t fear it as it thrives on fear .Hope you feel better soon 🌺

Marcy15 in reply to Paulina21

Thank you i will look into rhis cause i have the same symptoms with loss off appetite. I hope i dont feel like this always its scary.

Paulina21 in reply to Marcy15

I had no appetite as well and lost lots of weight , I eventually started to eat ok and put weight back on .

It won’t be for ever but the quicker you control your thoughts and try to carry on with your life as normal , it will go . Won’t be easy ,but anxiety can become a thing of the past if you don’t fear it .

It's all up to you if your gonna get better,anxiety is a mental mind disorder you must control your thinking. I have suffered from severe anxiety where I had every aches and pains as well as just feeling weird,but it's all up to us cause these are our brains and bodies. Doctor's can only do so much,but to make it simple,you will not always feel that way

Marcy15 in reply to Tonyhope

I hadnt felt this way in years. And its pretty scary. Hopefully i get better soon. Thank you

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