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Sweating/clammy feeling with anxiety? Please give me advice!!

I have had ekgs in the past. My last on was in October. Anyways they'e always been fine, just showed sinus tach bc I was nervous with anxiety

This past week I have had maybe a difernt form of anxiety?

Just got done laying in the floor thinking of calling 911... my body felt clammy, heart beating out of my chest... super weak. It passed and I'm Somewhat okay now I guess. I took a dreaded klonopin and took a shower.. got some lotion on etc... Trying to make myself feel better.

Thus whole week before I've been feeling super weak... like my arms are heavy I'm so tired. Can barely do the housework. I have been getting way more heart palps (thought those were gone)

I've also had a sore throat and coughing, feeling blah

Anyways... is this normal stress and anxiety? I was thinking of going to the cardiologist again.... but about a year ago she said it was just anxiety.

I'm 26 female... not over weight or a smoker. 🤷‍♀️

I know I need to be on a antidepressant. I just can't find one that works for me. What to do?!

Thanks you guys for helping me on this forum. I honestly don' know where I would be with out this 💙

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Hi, it sounds like the "fight or flight" response kicking in causing the heart palps as well as sweating/clammy feeling. When the adrenaline starts to peak, it's our body's way of cooling us off from the potential fear that our brain has sensed is there. The sore throat and coughing is a different issue.

As for the medication you are on, you need to give it some time since it's not only the med but the dosage which needs to be perfected for you alone. :) It can take some time but definitely let your doctor know if it is not doing the job. Hope you are doing better. My best xx


Thank you very much.

I feel very tired and sore in my arms. I haven't exercised.... when I try to I get real tired.

I guess it scared me bc I've never had the sweaty clammy feeling, it makes me think all this stress is doing a number on my heart. Have you ever felt weak arms... tired... from stress and anxiety?

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Definitely have felt the tired, heavy arms at times. I always take that as a sign I'm clenching my hands especially while typing and it can leave the muscles feeling weak and tired all the way up the arms.


I think mine may be stemming from tension in my neck and shoulders.

Oh the joys of anxiety


I agree if that's where you hold all your stress.

Oh happy days :) x

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I’m having all those now, the past few days. I’m also taking kolonopin for it. But it doesn’t help. That’s because for me, it’s not anxiety. This all starts a week before my period.

I get:

Clammy hands and feet, sweaty head and neck, severely cold hands and feet, high blood pressure and pulse, blood sugar drops and I get shaky and anxious, double vision, chest pains, and hypersensitivity.

This is how I know my period is soon. Maybe you’re like me and have crazy hormones, which can cause all this. Try a doctor who is willing to work with you. Get a full thyroid and hormone panel just to be sure. Also ask for a b12, magnesium and a vitamin D.

I’ve been rejected by all my doctors and ER staff saying it’s just anxiety. My psychiatrist said that’s BS and ordered a ton of tests, come to find out my hormones go crazy right before ovulation and menstruation...

Somethings I can suggest is fish oil for the tachycardia.

Writing a journal of what symptoms happen and what may have caused them (keep track of ovulation and menstruation too. Lots of good apps out there for that.)

Laying down in a cool room with cold water.

When your pulse shoots up it helps to take deep breaths. You can also strain (as silly as it is) like you’re having a bowel movement. Causes your vagus nerve to lower your heart rate.


Thank you so much. This all started right after I had my son. And then it seemed like it was only just around when my period would start. Since then it's become everyday.

I had asked my.doctor awhile back for a hormone test and he said i was too young 😕 I now have a different doctor... maybe I should ask her? I' scared to keep asking her stuff though... I'm scared she will think I'm crazy and send me away somewhere or something

One of my thyroid test came back right on the edge of elevated.


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