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Hi guys,

Not posted for a while. Things haven't been so bad really. Up and down as usual but been coping. Anyway finally had my first NHS counselling session last Thursday. It was rather disappointing to be honest. I was not in long and she told me it was gonna be CBT which I have had before and I don't respond well to. There seemed no flexibility in approach either. Bit like talking to a robot. She gave me the usual worksheets to fill in. I haven't managed to do them despite numerous attempts. They just seem so pointless. If this was just a matter of writing stuff down I wouldn't be like this. Had counselling (paid privately) on and off for two years now which does help. Don't know what to do about today's appointment


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  • I don't have any truly helpful advice, but just wanted to wish you all manner of good luck and success. I am thinking about you !


  • Hi,CBT is not useful for everybody because is focused in "here and now" problem,but do not explore the causes of your distress.Reading an article on a facebook site about the quality of CBT ,it seems somewhat contested by clients and therapists,often doesn`t solve the problem or just partially.As you`ve said that you went on paid counselling and usually are other kind of approaches as Person Centred , Psycho dynamics or Psychoanalytical.It seems that it was Labour party decision years ago... there was a very poor budget to be invested for mental health and CBT is a copy of what has been used in USA for so long without price and bad quality for low income people...just pathetic!

  • I suggest you to think about your next appointment ,if you don`t feel that is adequate for you, you`ve to tell the therapist that you do not feel comfortable with that approach and search for charities with low prices counselling for those at low income, but using another therapeutic approach.I think the best is Person Centred Approach focused on your experience as a person.

  • You have the right to say this approach isn't right for you and to not go back. There are many other approaches out there that you may get on better with. It is well known that also therapist factors matter a great deal in these things so a great approach may be applied by a person you just don't click with this will probably not work out. I hope you do find a way forward. Let us know how it goes.

  • Hi,

    Sorry you feel the CBT doesn't work for you, I have found it beneficial. I use Anxiety UK. which is a Charity that has low price counselling for people on low incomes as daisymay said.


  • Very bad day when you have to pay for help with anxiety issues and I've suffered from anxiety and depression but can't think what CBT is ? Any clues but how much for a decent hour of decent therapy?? Fido 71

  • CBT is a problem. CBT people think feelings are the result of what you think. They - with an amazing level of stupidity - don't recognize it also works the other way around. Their "top-down" therapy ignores that because they have no strategy for working "bottom-up." I've written a couple of blogs on this at psychology today and one of them, when I put it on LinkedIn caused a fire-storm.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I did go today after I finally managed to fill out the forms she had given me last week. It was more of the same today really and I did tell her CBT is not for me. Her response was that I will learn to love it. More forms this week. Think I will probably end up back with my lovely counsellor eventually. She really is great but my doc was keen on me going to the CBT. Ps Fido71 I pay £45 an hour or rather my other half does ha ha.

  • How do you decide what is a good counsellor and what is the right approach for you? I keep thinking of going to one privately when I can afford it but I do know that a load of them are not that good to be honest and if I'm paying that sort of money I would need something that was 100% spot on! I guess you can just meet up with people and see? They should all offer a trial session?

    Gemma X

  • I think there is lot of speculation about getting a professional recognition by the right organization and often people instead of investing money and time to dedicate for mental well being of others ,can opt for other jobs...the results?! There are more people asking for help and no so many people able to show their abilities to deal with problems even after having knowledge and experience in the field...finding a placement in a counselling agency is a mirage and is all about money ,not quality of treatment. Trial session is just giving advise about the approach used in therapy, not a real session.I feel a bit disappointed by the way the organizations deal with potential therapists,you`ve to become member even if student to get some facilities...try to draw your conclusion then.A rich future therapist able to pay for supervised counselling, personal therapy and studies,plus being member for the right organization,working 100 hours for free as trainee can show empathy and understanding?I have my doubts...Something has to change ...otherwise we are just turning around...counselling at low prices is not only for clients ,but has to be affordable even for potential counsellors at low income...just a dream!

  • I am a volunteer for different organization as a be friender...offering emotional and social support using person Centred Approach, but I am not allowed to do counselling by phone even having a recognized Certificate in Counselling and nearly graduated in Psychology...well if I was able to pay for being a member ...the doors will be open for me..otherwise...well you know the results already.

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