Shall I try counselling ??

I've been contemplating whether or not to seek professional help for my anxiety and depersonalisation issues. I've never had therapy or counselling before but I feel like it's time to find help as my bad days are becoming unbearable.

The only reason why I'm hesitant is because I feel like if I do speak with a professional it will make my feelings "real". I'm not sure how to explain it... I've been brushing my problems under the carpet and blaming my anxiety on poor diet and alcohol abuse and I never really thought I could be a person with mental health issues...

I just don't want to give my anxiety the attention it wants.

Can anyone advise ??


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  • If there is a chance of it helping you then I say go for it!

  • Hi Squeak1993, I understand what you are saying but never the less, it is a real problem if it interferes with your life. I think there comes a time for all of us to realize that therapy may be the best option in order to start getting better. Sweeping our problems under the carpet never works. Just as we can't run away from our problems. Once they are addressed, it can make it easier to deal with. Think of therapy as a positive move on your part, something that anxiety might not want you to do. So in turn, you will be defying anxiety and giving it the boot to the curb. Good Luck in going forward. x

  • Thank you Agora1 xxx

  • Go for it, I am having counselling too, I'm in my second round of therapy now. I won't pretend it's easy, but getting the thoughts out aloud helps you to process and understand them.

  • You need to get your life back and seek help. I been saying it so many times on here that never in a million years I thought I was going to be seeing a phycologist and psychiatrist but here I am... doing whatever I can do snap out of this hell

  • I had counseling once, the woman was a total cow who was also useless at her chosen career.

  • It happens davewavy1. Just as you have to kiss many toads before you find your prince, finding the right therapist you feel comfortable and compatible with may take several tries. :)

  • Hmmm maybe. I gave up after her and the fact it also did my head in !!.

  • I see actually what u saying becuase I had counseling n she treated me like I was crazy so I stop going

  • All mine said to me " why ", why do you think that is, why did they do that , why are you like that. Why, why, why !!.

  • See will mines different because she will ask what are your symptoms u having then I tell her n she will just nodd her head up n down then she wouldn't say I'm like ok

  • I used to go to bed thinking, hmm I feel hungry, why !!. Should I get up and eat, why?.

    Fuck that, I'll go mad in peace thanks.

  • If u hungry go eat that's what I do n besides i consider that's a good thing because i rather eat then not eat because some people loose their appetite

  • I was giving an example of how she got in my head ! :-(

  • You have nothing to loose by trying counselling, and acceptance of any issues and anxiety is a huge step in the right direction, give it your best shot xxx

  • I've found counseling to be challenging but immensely helpful.

    It needs to be ongoing and regular and include cbt and other tools.

    I've been seeing a wonderful Christian counselor since October last year.

    Initially I went weekly, then fortnightly and now Igo every 3 weeks.

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