Anyone suffer from tension headaches?

I've had very bad anxiety over the past year and have suffered from a tension headache since Jan 2011, my head hurts pretty much everyday, so does my neck and back. When I go outside the brightness makes it so much worse. I've been passed from doctor to neurologist and osteopath to massage therapist but it's still not sorted. They tell me to relax but how can I when I'm always in pain? Painkillers hardly ever work. Does anyone else have this and have you found anything that helps?


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5 Replies

  • I'm sorry for you I've had the back problem forever it seems they keep telling me it's from anxiety so good luck I still haven, just starred relaxation hope it works my thing is does the back cause anxiety or is it the other way around! God bless hope your feeling better x

  • hi DT yes i have headaches everyday i live off paracetamol ,theyre about the only painkillers i can take that dont aggrevate my stomach. i also get neck & back pain.i just assume it goes with anxiety, i can never relax as soon as i wake in the morning my body goes into overdrive & every part of me tenses up.xx

  • I suffer really bad headaches everyday to. And also suffer from back ache and stuff too but the head aches are more constant than the back pains

  • hello know this is an old post but i wanted to know how things are going for you now? did you find a way to treat your tension headache? i m dealing with tension/pressure headaches that are there pretty much all day every day and i would love to hear if you found a way to lessen the pressure pain. im guessing its all due to tense neck and back muscles. i hear they can mimic the symptoms of a bad sinus infection. hope you are doing well.

  • Started 6/8 for 2 months hardcore now it's light but still there!! Just started pt Monday this is surreal!

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