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I think I might suffer from health anxiety..Help anyone?

I'm really having trouble right now and my anxiety is bothering me right now and yes I've been diagnosed about 2 years ago and I exercise 4 days a week and today when i was at the gym I felt like passing out nauseated and was just out of energy, i woke up at like 12:30 AM today i didn't go to sleep till like 3 in the morning the previous night and i ate once and had juice it up thinking i would be fine because I've had a similar day like this before and it didn't bother me but idk why it did today and when it does happen, i feel like its cancer or a brain tumor or something crazy and its so hard too get it out of my head and believe that all my symptoms are from my anxiety, and I've been having this pain on my side for about 4 months and it hasn't gone away ,sometimes it hurts more then other day and I've gotten X-rays done taken blood 7 times for different things they've checked my heart at a cardiologist cause i had palpitations before and now there gone haven't had them since, did 4 ekgs, and my doctor said my side could be from muscle tension or inflammation and i have these pills she gave me for inflamation but I'm still hesitant about taking them, and I'm just scared that I'm suffering from something far worse then anxiety and i just need someone too talk too……..

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hey hun

it is anxiety you are suffering from... i have this pain in my side too...had it for few weeks...feels like a bruise.

Anxiety comes in many different forms and sometimes its hard to believe that it is anxiety!

I don't take any meds...dont like side effects but i do do Mindfulness.

There are many websites/apps on Mindfulness the one that i do are; calm.com and headspace

Im reading a book called Mindfulness for dummies which is a good read.

I hope that helps hun

Hugs xx


thank you for replying, its just hard too think its all anxiety you know? and when I tell someone about it, their like its all in your head you'll be okay or question if I ate or got enough sleep,idk I feel alone sometimes :( but ill check that site out thank you.



it can be very lonely at times and people don't understand anxiety.

Why don't you do some research on the subject and leave it lying around for family and friends to read,I've done this, and it has worked wonders.

The one thing i don't like is when people say "its just anxiety" or "you'll be fine"

Its horrid having this dude hanging around...but try and learn to accept and not let those thoughts enter your mind...if they do tell 'em to do one as you are not prepared to think in that way:]]

The more you read up on it,the easier it becomes:} xx


yeah I've done a lot of research about it and it does do wonders but sometimes i google stuff and make it worse…well my dad has it too but i don't wanna be bothersome and have him deal with me and get his anxiety acting you know? but we have good talks and its very helpful when we do talk. but ill take that into consideration :) I'm feeling somewhat better :)


Glad your feeling alittle better hunni:)

Us lot on here belong to a google ban as googling can make things a whole lot worse! If you feel you need to talk, come on here , be happy to help:) xx




Hi & welcome

Sounds like you are suffering with anxiety & I can relate to you getting anxious that every pain you get is something serious , this is how Health Anxiety imparticular makes us feel

I no it's not easy but try & be reassured the doctors have checked you over & cant find anything as such wrong , I no we can still worry but it would be more than their job was worth to give you the all clear if there was something a matter , instead they would have you straight in but they haven't , so that says everything must be ok

If you are exercising & going to the gym then you will be using muscles & its easy to pull one but can cause a lot of pain

Maybe trying the tablets the GP has given you , again I can have a meds fear so I no that's not always easy but I say I will take one just for today & if I don't want to take one tomorrow I don't have to that way it gives me control over taking them which really helps me

Keep talking on here you will not feel so alone with how you feel & you will get some good advise :-)





Hi there.

It really does sound like health anxiety, as many members on here will tell you it's hard to understand why we feel like this. As Yummi says leave the dreaded GOOGLE alone its the worst thing you can do. If the doc has given you meds for the pain the chances are they are anti inflammatory to help ease your pain, I know you don't like taking pills but it will help. Ask your GP if they can get you on a therapy course they are really good at helping you understand your anxiety and controlling it.

Take care Kenny


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