Headaches and dizziness

I tried to get back to normal and try get myself back into the gym but half way through a class I went really dizzy, exhausted n feeling sick and wanted to collapse (but I didn't) soon as I finished I rang my mum to come pick me up. I felt dizzy n struggled to walk for ages. I took my Meds n it did calm me down but I still had these pains in my head n dizzy when I walk,I felt awful. When I eat I still feel very sick.iam now in bed and font feel too bad but I can still feel my head bein all over the place.

Does anybody else have this problem? I've took painkillers so the pains gone it's just dizziness and trying to concentrate on things :(


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  • Something similiar happened to me last night. I've been extra dizzy with weird headaches and I tried going for a run. Felt fine during the run but once it was over I had rebound dizziness and horrible woozy feelings like I was really drunk. I think I made my headache worse too and I ended up having a really stressful sleep. It's really hard to beat anxiety when excercising screws you up. Glad to know someone else feels the same way, hope we can get through it

  • I can wake in the mornings feeling like this and it lasts all day . Dr says it's Vertigo with anxiety . And of course we worry about the off balance woozy feeling and then bang a panic attack . Hate it 

  • Have they looked at your cervical spine?   My doctors say arthritis in my neck is the culprit for dizziness & headaches.  Then, the concern about the odd sensations & frustration of being limited causes stress, which exacerbates the problem :-/.

  • Hi.....hun.....you sound exactly like me.....not feeling yourself, wondering around in a daze, putting a brave face on, so you feel normal, but on the inside you know somethings not right! You can't concentrate on anything 100%, in the back of your mind, you just feel different...... X

  • Yes I've been so dizzy like I'm going to pass out for 3 days with the worst headache and vision problems. It's so scary and annoying at the same time

  • Omg this is exactly what I was looking for thank you God!

     I'm going through this right now! Left neck pain, dizziness vertigo like sensation and headaches it's so scary I hate it and don't know what to do ! You have reassured me though x

  • Yes I've been so dizzy I was struggling to lift my head,n was like a migraine n was constantly dizzy,and so much pressure to my head like an elastic band round my head (do u get this?) isn't too bad today,I've not been as busy,I did have it for 2 weeks tho but honestly it WILL go it's all the stress and anxiety that is putting pressure to your head and that is all it is I promise. Now u know n got reassurance on it all u now AV to do is learn how to not get yourself worked up n stressed,try get medication too to help u to relax. I hope I have helped 😄 Xx

  • Yesss I have been

    I'm so fed up!!!

    So much negativity comes into my head and I think I'm ill with a serious disease or something! 

    Thank you makes me feel so much better tho to know I'm not going through this alone 

  • Aww it's fine. But I keep thinkin I must be the only person that's feeling what I'm feeling, but my mum has had anxiety when she was in her 20's and had my brother who was new born to look after,she went through the dizziness and the horrible anxiety feeling,but she said it will go.so you've got to try to relax (it's hard I know I still struggle) but if you just relax a little and try not to think too much and try b slightly positive all the pressure will start to fade. AV u tried just having normal paracetamol, I had that n even tho I was on stronger meds I didn't think just normal paracetamol woukd help, but surprisingly it did :) 

    How are you feeling today? Xx

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