Front of neck tension ? Thoughts please!

I know anxiety causes you to stay tense and it effects people's whole body's .. I'm only 19 years old and feel like when I wake up I have the body of a 80 year old woman... usually my back, neck, and shoulders feel tight and ache .. but now the front of my neck hurts .. it's like under my Chin and down the front of my neck. I've never really seen anyone complain of that being a symptom.. which freaks me out when nobody says they've had the same thing I've felt before , as bad as that sounds lol. Maybe it's from clenching and my tmj? I've also had head congestion and lymph nodes in my neck swollen from a cold or something I think .. Or does it all just boil down to anxiety like usual ??

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  • Hi C-K-J, well now you can add me to your list of people who get front of neck tension besides my upper back, neck and shoulders. Being anxious keeps us in that rigid state of muscular tension. TMJ and even chewing (gum/food) can overstrain the tight muscles causing this achy tension down the front of our neck. Since our body is all muscle, it needs to go into relaxation mode before it can be turned around. Practicing deep breathing and taking time out for relaxing can help but it takes even more. That is not concentrating on checking out every thing we feel from the time we wake up til we go to bed. Releasing our harmful thoughts throughout the day, physical therapy if necessary, warm paks around shoulders and neck will calm down the tenseness but it will come back again unless your mind takes hold to get rid of these thoughts. x

  • And that's exactly what I do.. check everything out as soon as I wake up until I fall asleep 🙄😭 thank you for your reply Agora! Makes me feel better . Usually when I know somebody else has had it it starts to get better and I don't dwell on it as bad, so hopefully that will happen now! Lol.

  • I get too it which has been really bad the last couple of weeks so ur not alone xx

  • What's yours feel like? Crampy , shoots pain, feels stiff? I hate this!! It feels like it effects my swallowing sometimes! That's Probably in my head though lol

  • I get shooting pains, tight feeling even stinging, I too get the feeling I can't swallow too xx

  • Sounds exactly like me! It's nice to know we aren't alone

  • yes indeed, think I need a new neck lol xx

  • I have a Tight feeling and I also have the feeling I cant swallow. Id doesnt hurt but it is annoying

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