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Does anybody suffer from wind/bloating?

Although not taking this as an effect of anxiety, the past few days I've had a really uncomfortable and bloated stomach. I've also been belching a lot. Does anybody else get this? Sometimes I have fleeting moments of panic thinking there's something not right with my stomach but I think it could be wind? (I've never really been a sufferer of wind hence my intrigue) have a slight hunger feeling in my chest and a crampy stomach feeling. Wearing a dress today that clings to the stomach a bit, carrying a slightly 'pregnant' look with my swollen tum...lets hope nobody asks me if I want a seat on the train, that would be embarassing...

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Yes hun I do

Could be the time of the month or indegestion or maybe IBS which stress can cause

I no what you are saying though about looking pregnant , I remember saying I went out looking normal & my stomach would swell so much I would come in looking like the incredable hulk !!! that was back in the day when I did get out

It may settle , see if you can take note if it is happening every month , if it keeps happening & causing you problems you can ask GP

Be assured though I have had this for years





I do really bad I was in and out of hospital through my child hood and now I suffer all the time n I got anxiety from that but then I do think I got ibs n the anxiety don't help n it gets me down last week someone asked me when my baby's due I just wanted to shout out loud thanks for calling me fat but it don't help when u feeling low in your self n that I'm a hairdresser n live around mirrors I never thought that my belly troubles would b the cause of my anxiety so u saying this is kinda a relief in away do I sound stupid ? Xxxx


Plenty of weird tummy bugs doing the rounds so it's quite likely that.


i suffer with alot of gastric problems, always belching, always passing wind every private chance i get, bloated and all at its worst when im due on like right now. trapped wind can be soooo painful so dont underestimate it. good god i sound like a geezer when i read that back!


Hey love i was just thinking the same i have never been a burper but last couple of weeks have been burping like a good en i did get indigestion heart burn too which i never suffered with before so blogged if you read mine and everyone told me to get gaviscon still burping tho hun all time xxxx


Ah thanks everyone. Put my mind at rest a little. Its good to know there are other burpers around :-) xxx


Hi lovely, if you're concerned have a chat with your GP at your next apt. I did and i got an apt with a dietician. You can start a food diary ensuring you have a balanced diet (i thought i did as i love my fruit and veg but i still defo have some work to do!) stick to the balanced diet quite strictly for three weeks and make a note of any issues you have ie swelling, gas, stoll issues etc (sorry!) and then you have a clear record of the situation. Use the info in the links below, make a record for yourself and if you need to seek advice make an apt with a dietician and show them your findings :) Hope this helps lovely x

FYI - These are the same links the dietician will give you so if and when you meet them you'll be a step ahead! If you go, don't forget to tell them you've not been before as they will prob have to book you a double apt.

Balanced Diet & The Eatwell Plate - bda.uk.com/foodfacts/Health...

Bristol Stool Chart - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brist...

(even if you don't have any issues they will ask you to record this info)

Digestive System - livebeginsat60.files.wordpr...

(they didnt give this to me but i thought it was a helpful reminder for me, if i got a sharp pain i could try an figure out where it was coming from)

I only saw them last week so i don't know what happens next but this shoudl get you started :) I think i might be gluten intollerant but that would be rubbish so im hoping im wrong! Hope you find the above info useful. Take care xx


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