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Chronic tension headaches

my main symptoms right now are visual blurriness/light sensitive and chronic tension headaches. I suspect they are related and all due to muscular tension from anxiety since I've had a ct and MRI . Does anyone else suffer from almost a constant dull headache which sometimes gets much worse after activity such as exercise or stress? Let me know if you found any remedies/medicines/techniques that helped you.

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Yes, I've had a tension headache for 7 years. Had every test done. Tried Migraine meds w/o success. Some days are worse than others. I get mental confusion when it is real bad. 


I've had the same for almost a year now.  Im trying to ignore it and it seems a bit better. 

Noticeable improvement for tension headache after using pink tinted glasses (fl-41) and taking b-complex.  I'm currently doing some neck stretches, hopefully that will improve it some more


Do you get pain in your temples, ears, and jaw too?

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Not all the time but I definitely do a little




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