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Headaches / Head pressure


Hey everyone, so I've had anxiety for about 3 - 4 months now so still getting used to this nightmare. It started with heart palpitations, then moved to chest pain, and then just muscle fatigue. As of recently, I started getting headaches and now I have a constant head pressure from the back of my Head, all the way to the side of my temple on both sides. Given the anxiety I have, I am afraid it's a brain tumor. I Have never been the type to have headaches, so this is why this worries me. Does anybody with anxiety feel this constant head pressure? Sometimes I feel like I can't focus either. I feel like I'm looking straight ahead but I'm not. Period. Does this make sense? Anybody please help.

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I can guarantee you it's not a brain tumor. It's very common with anxiety, it actually is the occipital nerve probably pinched from tight muscles or overstimulation giving you that pressure pain feeling around your head. I have it and I know a lot of other people have similiar feelings. So don't worry about a tumor. It's a pretty annoying feeling though haha

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You have no idea how much better this makes me feel. I've been stressing over it, and kept telling myself I'm fine I'm fine, but it just keeps coming. Thank you.

I had a tension headache from all my anxiety and stress. Do you also get like a knot in your throat?

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I get that sometimes too, especially shortness of breath. How did you get rid of tension headaches?

Chanelle05 in reply to Thelobo54

I landed up going for physio it helps a lot


I think I have developed any possible physical symptom thank to my best pal, anxiety! Heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle pain, neck pain, difficulty of swallowing, hyperventilation, head aches, tingling on my face..and the list goes on lol. This freaks me out. I am learning now to try to sort anxiety symptoms from the real ones. Then I realised that if I had too much spicy food, I get heartburn. But then I start wondering whether the heartburn is abnormal (as if I know what a normal heartburn is!!). Then I start googling things...then I end up reading about all possible cancers which can be associated with a heartburn. The fact that I did spend a week eating spicy food etc., no longer matters. My brain tells me I am dying. Shitty feeling I have to admit. "What if...." does not go away. A simple sore throat and a cough leads me to worry its a lung cancer. Its sad and funny at the same time.

My advice to you:

1. Do not google things---DR Google says its always cancer

2. Recognise that you have health anxiety and treat your symptoms like one

3. BUT, be vigilant and go to see your GP if it is bothering you. Even if its just an anxiety, it does not hurt to check out

4. No matter what people say, you DO NOT imagine the pain even if you have anxiety. Your pain/tension is real and all you need to do is to find the reason for it.

5. Learn to relax and remember that anxiety is a nasty thing and learning about it is the best thing you can do. Know your enemy!!!

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Thank you for this. I truly appreciate this. Sometimes I feel alone, and lost. And I want to give up. But knowing I'm not alone.... truly helps. Thank you.

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Oh goodness, do not give up! Do not even think about it because you are not alone. Even look at this blog...we are so similar. People with different backgrounds, genders, ages etc....we all have the same symptoms. But I do know what you mean. I used to ask "am I crazy? Why am I not normal? How come my pals have good lives and I am worthless? They are not going to get cancer but I will...". If you give up then you are going to let your anxiety to overtake your life...please do not let it happen.

I am a complete stranger who already cares for someone I have never met. You are already not alone. And trust me, there are so many people in this place (and everywhere else) who also care. Please seek professional help. I did and still do.

When I feel like giving up, I tell myself...Right, I will fight for one more day and give up tomorrow. The next day, I do the same. I have been dealing with this for more than 6 bloody years. I am stronger than I was yesterday. And, trust me, I am like this not because I am stronger or better than you are...I am like this because I promised myself that I would not let it to overtake my life. It is hard work but you can do it. You are stronger than any anxieties or fears that you have....Just remind it to yourself and focus on living your life. And when you have fears...come here...I am sure we will be able to offer support and help :)

Dizzykitty in reply to Hidden

Be sure you have not taken an antibiotic in the months prior to getting these symptoms. If you have, there are things to avoid and things to do to help. A magnesium supplement is also good for everyone with these things, regardless of the cause. :)

Hello, I’ve had head pressure and all sorts for the last 5 weeks and I started taking antibiotics before for my spots but the doctor kept changing them could this of given me the pressure?

Yes, I do. I have those things, and so do many others-- with me and the many others I've come to know :) those things are all part of the delayed symptoms from taking Cipro and Avelox (or other) fluoroquinolone antibiotics. They affect many things. Do you recall if you took any kind of antibiotic in the months prior to having these symptoms? If so, let me know and I can steer you to help. Meanwhile, other antibiotcs and other Rx drugs can cause the head pressure and vision things, doctors are woefully out of touch, as there are warnings for most of the drugs that they ignore. The symptoms tend to last a while, then fade or go away, and pop up again. I find that an ice pack at the back of the neck and head can help with the pressure. I wish you luck, love.

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