when im feeling really anxious it affects my memory does anyone else have this?

when im feeling really stressed and anxious i find it really hard to remember things and its so frustrating even little things like i take st johns wort and omega 3 capsules every day and when im really anxious i cant remember if ive taken them, and on my way home from work if i feel tense i can never remember if i did the rota or locked the store cupboard and it makes me more anxious im not sure if its because my mind is constantly racing?? x


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  • I feel like that alot of the time! Ive been signed off work because i went and tried to carry on but ended up breaking down! I cudnt even remember driving to work! The last few weeks have been horrendous! I constantly have a fuzzy head and feel like im drunk (i dont drink)! I feel very confused!none of my friends and family can understand why i am like i am,but it doesn't help because i dont understand it either, i just want to feel better,but i feel that no-one can help me!

  • hi kitty thanks for your post i can completely understand what your saying i feel that no one can help me either, im so glad i have come across this site because for years i have thought only i have these feelings its made me feel detached and isolated from everyone else at times i dont feel so alone with it when i talk to other people on here, its a horrible cruel ilness xx

  • I feel just like this. I've left the front door wide open in that state before! You're just in autopilot because your brain is trying to deal with too many things. Don't worry about it, it will get better. X

  • thank you i was hoping it was because my mind was just constantly racing but my short term memory is really bad at the moment x

  • Im frightened i will never get better,im very glad i read things on this site cuz i dont feel alone!...everything in my life is good,husband 2 kids and good job. At times i feel like i could lose everything and dont feel in control! I have no reasonto feel like i do,but i can totally empathise with you because it is how i feel!

  • yes i got 3 lovely daughters and i have a good job that i enjoy, my anxiety is bad in the mornings i get really frightened when i have to leave for work and i dont know why and i panic going to work and get myself in a real state and really dont know why im usualy ok when im at work as im the head of department so im always really busy its just that morning thing for a couple of hrs every day im worried i will be like this forever x

  • HI , i was only saying the other day how forgetful i feel these days and it frightens me, ive been asured that it is anxiety and depression and im not just turning into some crazy old woman! it still worries me tho. sam x

  • hi sam im really forgetful and its so frustrating i even googled altzeimers as i thought i was getting early onset of it! ive thought ive been having heart attacks, strokes the works with this anxiety so when i was getting really forgetful i thought it was something serious but thats part of the anxiety too thinking the worst all the time! x

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