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Does anyone else get this?

I was just tidying my room when I had a random shooting pain in my arm a few times. I didn't feel anxious about anything it was just random. Then my chest felt tight and burning sensation. And I felt all hot. It goes straight away it doesn't last but it's so scary I literally feel like I'm about to have a heart attack. I know I've been tested loads so I just have to make myself get through it. It's just hard to accept its anxiety because I don't feel panicky or anxious it's literally just random physical symptoms. Arghh x

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Hiya :) Im brand new here I just joined so I hope you don't mind me commenting. I just wanted to say this happens to me quite a lot. I always think I'm having a heart attack, it is very scary! Then it seems to just go away. I think for me personally I am just so sensitive and conscious of every little thing I feel, everything seems magnified and scary. But yeah, the shooting arm pain sounds a lot like what I get. I've had it for about 3 years now on and off so I'm sure it's just part of the anxiety, but it is really scary when it happens! xx

Thanks for your comment! I try telling myself it hasn't killed me yet and countless drs, ecgs and a cardiologist can't all be wrong :) cx

Hi Maria,

Anxiety does seem to throw up these weird, alarming symptoms. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been at the docs going "but I wasn't anxious until this happened ~ then I got anxious FAST!!!!"

You've had all the tests so try to let yourself to be reassured ~ your heart is OK, nothing terrible is happening.

I get a lot of random pains in my neck, shoulders, arms and ribs. A lot of them are caused by anxiety, especially as I hold myself rigid and don't realise I'm tense. However it may be worth finding out if you have any damage to your shoulder area that could be causing the pain. I have an injured shoulder and longstanding wear and tear to the muscles in my brachial plexus (you know it's bad when you know them by name!!!). Seeing an osteopath when it's really bad has made a huge difference. And it really helped with the anxiety to know what the different pains are and how to deal with them.

Hope you feel better soon.

Best Wishes,


That's really helpful thank you! I do the exact same, say I wasn't anxious I was fine then this physical thing happened to my body then I became anxious! It's probably subconscious anxiety though. I have tightness in my shoulders back etc because I had swelling in my pelvic joint a year ago and due to it taking so long to diagnose I'm now left with that area gettin irritated so easily that some days I can barely walk, I have to sleep on my back any jolt or jump sends horrific pain through the area so I know my body is so tense! I see an osteopath who is amazing! He does a thing called somatic experiencing too which is a technique to calm the body down so if anyone gets the chance to do it I would recommend it it calms the nervous system. There is an app called relax whic is similar too I use it a lot xx

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I think it's likely that this is all linked. Pain causes tension; tension causes pain and they both cause anxiety.

I'm glad you have a good osteopath; finding mine has made such a difference. Definitely meantion the pains in your arms next time you see him. Thanks for the info about the somatic experince too ~ I'll look into that.xx

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