Does anyone Else get this

Does anyone else get acid reflux/shortness of breath when they feel anxious? I'm staring to believe there's a huge connection. Recently after trying every single reflux pill on the planet, I'm wondering if maybe it's being caused by anxiety. I get up and the second I'm up I feel like I cannot breath, like I'm full & need to take deep breaths. This leads to me sucking impair in to try & burp. Sometimes this happens when I'm not anxious. Just curious has anyone else ever had this?


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  • Yes! I have that feeling every single day. Get up and feel like there's something stuck ( as it is was phlegm, yuck!) in my throat, discomfort in the middle of my chest and feeling air is not going in. I need to drink ice cold sparkling water to force myself to burp and that gives me a bit of temporary relief but it keeps coming back.

    I find than talking ( even to myself If I'm alone) or humming also calms it down as if I'm able to speak, then that means I'm breathing fine.

  • yes it normal .try to understand the food u ate better than adjust those that do not cause reflux but u also got to check w doctor see if u got ibs .irritable bowel syndrome.also can cause similar issue

  • I get this too, my anxiety goes up & I get bad acid reflux. Then a freak out, because worry it's something serious. And I start swallowing air & burp a bunch. I hate the cylce. So diffcult to realize what anxiety does to your body.

    I would talk to your doctor if you are concerned. I take pantoprazole for the acid reflux (saw a doctor about it), which helps most of the time.

  • I get this everyday as well, its like there is something caught and I force myself to take a deep breath. Its scary. It is usually with the burps, yawning, and/or burning. I agree with melbrown, its a horrible cycle.

  • All the time!!!!!!!!! I even get a raging sore throat too... some days agony, can hardly swallow and have loads of phlegm!!! It's disgusting... I get the shortness of breath and a rush kind of feeling in my chest that takes my breath, then the next day gone?? Then all I do is burp then following say all back agen! It's like I jus go round in circles !!!

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