feeling crap again.. does anyone else get this????!!

the same stupid horrible feeing in my gut is back again it comes and goes i took 1mg of lorezapam earlier and it settled it for a while now its back i mean is this normal? i havent had any panic attacks or anything im very very calm but its just this uneasy feeling of doom like imma die or like something bad will happen ? should i be calm? this freaks me out more because i know u get this with a panic attack but i dont i get it from i wakeup till i go to sleep it hust stays with me like it haunts me it scares me so damn much πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–


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  • Listen i swear i get the same "Gut feeling" like butterflies and its so uneasy i be so calm and Boom out of nowhere i feel like iam going to die and the sharp chest pains and arm pains are so annoying. Iam sorry you have been feeling like this...

  • yeah its so annoying like im calm right now but that bad feeling just stays with me even if im calm or not calm i wonder what it is hmm aw thankyou i hope u soon feel better to x

  • Hi. Unfortunately, this goes with the illness. You dont need to be having a panic attack to be experiencing negative thoughts about your health. That is what happens to me. I am perfectly calm and then I get a thought - 'you might die tonight when you go to sleep'. The only reason I have that thought is because I have anxiety disorder. Same for you. The reality is that it is unlikely anything bad is going to happen to either of us. But yes, it is so scary and hard to deal with sometimes. I handle it by refocusing my thoughts - for example I come on here and try to offer useful advice to others, i write things, i read, i watch tv progs that make me laugh. One of those always works for me.

  • karkhohl thankyou for your reply yes thats true but it only scares me because it feels like i should listen to my gut instinct yano? this is the second time i have had this strong feeling in my life and ive hd anxietu forsince i was 13 i mean idk if its maybe my depression as i got diagnosed with depression last year and thats when i had this feeing 😫 ive took my anti depressents again last week so still waiting for them to kick in and hopefully this feeling goes away and i can go back to being me for a while πŸ˜’ good luck to u aswel

  • Yes I feeling that way right now and it's awful I think I rather have a panic attack then it would get it over with instead of this lingering feeling


  • me 2 its a crappy horrible feeing and feels so real like i think oh im gonna die soon idk when or how but soon its annoying lucky for my lorezapam at times helps me but id honestly rather 10 panic attacks a day that i would this awfull doom feeling πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  • Yea it's the worst feeling ever and yep makes ya think something bad is about to happen and there's nothing can stop it oh I wish I took lorazapam but I don't have anything to take does lorazapam have any bad side effects? I'm very phobic of meds especially if I think it will make my heart race 😒

  • it really is πŸ˜• and no it dosent have any bad side affects well to me it dosent anyway makes me drowsy but really really calm i can actually do stuff and feel normal when i take one although they are addictive but my doctor gives me a certain amount for a month to last me so i dont get addicted but id say you should read up about them or ask yor doc as they do really help and dont make your heart race x

  • Really wow I'll definitely ask my doctor about them as I could really do with something that calms me and makes me feel relaxed I was offered diazapam but refused as I thought they might give me bad side effects I'm so bad for thinking every tablet will finish me off somehow 😰

  • you should ask and atleast just try one and if its not for you then just leave them but they do work and do make you feel relaxed and normal again honestly πŸ˜€ and i have took diazepam before didnt really help me so moved to lorezepam i uste to think like you when they offerd me anti depressents i was like no i cant take these ill die but i eventually did and they did help me 😰

  • Brilliant I'll ask my doctor asap I really need some relief from this anxiety especially when its an everyday thing now there's no break from it πŸ˜– yes I think quite a few of us anxiety sufferers are reluctant to take meds on the basis we will take just one and drop dead lol 😨 x

  • Im in the same boat, diazepam allows me to calm down and go out or at least get some things done but limited to 2mg a day which is so hard x

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