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Does anyone else get anxious for nothing !?

Hi everyone I hope your all doing ok!

Tonight I noticed that again I've been feeling anxious , I always feel like I gotta cringe my toes or walk on my toes or else do something like like move my feet fast , I just can't keep still & it's starting to hurt my head and make me feel tired , I hate this feeling it always makes me feel like I'm helpless because I have a toddler and all I can think about is this anxious feeling. Does anyone else get this feeling ? If so what else you calm down ? Thank you !

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Yes I always feel anxious. I can be watching a film and all of a sudden I get really anxious for nothing.

All I can think about is my anxiety, I feel like it’s ruining my life😞

It’s all I can think about too.

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Me too, I can be doing something I really like doing & then I'll start feeling anxious :( it does suck !


Yeah its horrible.

I don’t really enjoy doing much anymore because my anxiety just gets in the way and makes me feel terrible.

Are you on medication?


Same here especially with my toddler , it stops me from doing stuff I love , I always get scared that I might get an anxiety in public or feeling anxious where I can't keep still :/ , and no but my doctor wants me to be on meds but I refuse because of the bad side effects, a lot of people says their have brain fog or fuzz and a lot of different symptoms and I don't wanna feel that way , they say it stays for 2 weeks or more and sometimes it makes the anxiety worse before it gets better 😩😩.


Yeah its horrible, I feel like my life has changed drastically in a short amount of time😞

Yes that’s the reason I don’t want to go on meds too, I also don’t want to feel like I have to depend on them I’ve heard a few people say they become very addictive.

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I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was eight years old. We worry about things that haven’t happened yet and probably aren’t going to. As I’ve gotten older I realized I anxiety is also somewhat of a gift as it helps me get all my work done. Because of my anxiety I’m actually pretty reliable.


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