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Does anyone else feel less anxious at night?

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I feel more anxious and my anxiety seems to be worse in the morning. I have thoughts that are so disturbing that I feel depressed, it makes me crazy. But at night I start to feel like my old self. Idk why? I just do. It's really weird.

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Hello AnxiousGal, Yes I have been suffering from bad morning anxiety and gradually feel better as day goes on and by evening wonder what all the fuss was about. It got so bad that I have now been on anti-depressant for 5 weeks and I am starting to feel better, even in the mornings. But I don't know why it happens, I wish I did! I think if you read the blogs and questions on this site you will see its very common if that helps at all and talking to the kind people on this site will help. xx

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Kaybitsy in reply to jclare

Hi Clare, hope u are still checking in. I have the same problem u described with morning anxiety and feeling better at night. My question to u is which antidepressant helped u to feel better?  I am currently on 150 mg of Zoloft and  still have the same problem. Thanks

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jclare,  I have suffered with morning anxiety for the last 6 years.  Every morning when I open my eyes and see the light of day, my anxiety kicks in with fear hitting my solar plexus, shaking, tears, etc.  Afraid of everything and anything at that time of day.  The adrenaline is high in me causing all kinds of havoc.   The reason?  Around 4am our cortisol levels start rising and continue until they reach their peak for the day.  As the day goes on and turns into the evening, the levels drop, making us feel more in touch.  Also makes us wonder what the problem was.  It is very common.

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Hmariewv in reply to Agora1

I'm interested in knowing if you took an antidepressant that caused you to start having anxiety to begin with. And if you are taking one now. I do the very same thing you do but mine came from medication. yes I thought it was cortisol levels in the morning too. After being tested I discovered it was when I took the antidepressant that my cortisol levels were going a lot higher. Not that antidepressants normally do this but that I was having a reaction to it

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Hmariemv, I did not take an antidepressant that caused me to start having anxiety. When it got so fierce, I was put both on Ativan and Lexapro. I'm off benzos and hope to wean off Lexapro one day. For me, getting off the benzos turned things around immensely with morning anxiety. That's interesting that you are sensitive to your antidepressant, but it can happen. I wish you well.

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Hey I believe i am going through the same thing. How did you know it was a reaction to the meds? Also how did you get tested? Have you gotten any better?

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Well that is very helpful. My mornings and early afternoons are awful. I feel anxious and depressed for hours. Then in the evenings, I feel quite normal and like you, wonder what the problem was. It is very unpleasant, and I would just love to feel as normal in the mornings as I do in the evenings.

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menagerie11, I have always wished that I could go to a doctor's appointment, dentist in the evening. That's when I feel so mellow. The answer for me has been meditation and deep breathing, both before bed as well as first thing in the morning. If we could only put that evening feeling into pill form, we'd be rich. :) My best to you..

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Thank you. I do deep breathing, listen to calming music, visualization, prayer, etc. in the morning....but it is still a big challenge. I agree, it only we could put that evening feeling into pill form, it would be wonderful.

Hi AnxiousGal. I have the same, but I've had it for some time -on and off for years. I am now on an intensive therapy course (MBT) but it's making me feel loads worse at the moment. I wake up EVERY morning without fail with anxiety or feeling low and I hate it. I would love to know everyone's coping strategies. I now try and plug into my mp3 player first thing and listen to Mindfulness meditations. I am trying to do that more often. I ususally find it eases during the day but not always - and certainly not at the moment. How long have you felt like this, and do you have any stresses that could be contributing to how you are feeling?

Well I've been feeling this way for about 1 1/2 months. I really don't like feeling this way at night because I want to feel this way all the time. I wake up anxious and I have thoughts creep in my head that won't go away and it disentangles help at all. These thoughts just stay in my head and won't leave. I was on antidepressants but my counselor recently took me off of them. I just wish I can feel and be my old self again :(

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Hmariewv in reply to AnxiousGal

Anxious gal are you still around how are you doing now

Hi Anxious Gal my anxiety is the same as yours dreadful during the day but as the evening comes start to feel a bit better have slowly got worse lately every anxiety symptom imaginable but have got to the stage where I just have to try and accept it

Hi there,

I feel less anxious at night coz I know nobody will be knocking on my front door or phoning me. Everyone leaves you alone at night. Then in the morning it's the first thing I think of and BANG anxiety sets in, panic attacks start. Im fed up feeling like it. A knock on the door sends me into such a state.

I hope you are having a positive day

Love xxxCookiexxx

Yes!!! I wake up with an overwhelming feeling of nervousness and dread. Starts from the second I wake up. In the evening I'm more relaxed. I agree with Cookster99 though, at night I'm not so jumpy when the phone rings etc i feel I'm left alone at night. If I could just get help with the morning anxiety I think it would make a difference to my day. Nobody wants to wake up wishing they hadn't because of that awful anxious feeling.

S xx

Thank you all so much. I'm trying to cope with this and it's so hard. For about a week now I've been have negative and disgusting thoughts that just won't go away. It's taking over my everyday life. I really don't like them.

I have negative and disgusting thoughts too. I am trying to just let them float by and not respond to them. They are, after all, just thoughts. However, they are certainly worse in the morning and early afternoon. Be evening, my thoughts are pretty well normal. I know how hard it is and I will say a prayer for you, AnxiousGal. I find that focusing on positive images and affirmations is of considerable help.

I worse in the morning too,so bad that I can't breathe and believe something is really wrong,and should contact someone,as the evening comes round thingsr a little better,I'm seeing my doc about it on mon,very strange,I'm taking citalopram ,ru on any meds?

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I was on meds but my doctor took me off of them. Lately I've been waking up anxious and nervous. I been to the doctor so many times in the last 3 months. I've been tested for a lot of things and I still think something is wrong with me. I just wish I can live a normal life. I'm just so.....abnormal

I feel like throwing all my meds in the bin for wat use they are,I'm so sick of struggling,just want to b well

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Yeah it's really bad. I wake up every morning feeling anxious and I just pray one day I can just wake up without feeling like that.

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U said it love,wouldn't that b grt, if only,I remember a time when things were normal,it wasn't too long ago,still ,iv had at lotof support on here,it's here I come when things get bad for me as I'm a widow and live alone,one day I hope for all of us things will b better,xxxx

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Yeah it would be great feeling "normal" again. Today isn't going well at all. It's like I'm doing the same thing over and over again. It's like my life is not changing. I have a appointment with me counselor Tuesday and I'm planning on telling her everything I'm going through lately because it's not great. I use to be depressed but I got out of it and now I think I'm slipping back into depression and it SUCKS!!! :(

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Know how u fel love,mornings and evenings r often the worst or me,this has been going on for months ,wish I had a way out of it all,don't think these tabs reworking for me either

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I haven't been having any suicidal thoughts or tendencies but it's just like nothing is changing and I'm constantly feeling the same way. I don't want to hurt myself or commit suicide but my life right now is not going great. People tell me you're only 18 you have a long life but it feels like everyday is a drag and the only time I get peace is at night and when I'm asleep. Ugh! It's the worse. Plus I'm out of school and I don't go back until the fall semester so this summer is going to be very very long. I just wish I can be my old self again.

I have the same, sense of dread and anxiety and want to stay in bed, especially on Mondays, I feel crushed. Seems worse for some bizarre reason recently. I have found a bit of meditation for 20 mins using a phone app helped to calm me down and makes it easier to get on with work, not avoiding it. Small steps and all that.

Hi AnxiousGal,  wondering where you are at with the morning anxiety 3 years later.

You are not alone. When I first start to wake up my stomach is in a knot, often mind goes to so many "what ifs" that I actually get angry at myself. As it gets to mid afternoon I start to improve, by supper and evening I almost feel normal. I am on 150 mg of Luvox a day but it certainly has not "cured" me. All I want is to feel normal and enjoy life. Anxiety and panic are something very difficult to deal with. You are not alone.

Yes very much, in fact I feel fine at night and enjoy watching tv or shows online, but in the morning and day time is pure hell. Help, I would give all I hace to beable to feel good in the morning and daytime. I have tried everything. Please reply and if you can help.

I have the same problem and I am going to talk to someone about it tomorrow. If i have any suggestions, I will post them. Until then, know that this seems to be common. It is HARD, I know. Don't give up.

Im suffering from the same thing and have no meds or clue smh

Same . I created memories in day and keep them in my head can't forget them and they keep repeating in my head . As the evening starts I start feeling myself . I don't care about anything . But in the morning it suks . Started escitalopram .. it's been 3 days so lets see

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lillymila in reply to waqasvic

L arginine together with l lysine ...2000 mg both in the moring ..this will lower cortisol. Look in google ... l argonine and.l lysine for anxiety.

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Izabela1 in reply to lillymila

I am going out to the store and buying these tomorrow. Thank you so much for posting this reply!

You just described me to a t. Night I'm my old self like nothing is even wrong. Mornings are bad.

If anyone finds a solution to the morning anxiety I would appreciate it. I am on meds, and still have the morning anxiety. Gets better during the day, and then feel like my old self at night. Please let me know if you findn a solution or how to reduce cortisol levels in the morning. I need relief bad.

L arginine and l lysine together ...this will lower the in google l arginine and l lysine anxiety.

Get the EMF levels in your bedroom/house checked!!

I can totally relate to your post. Morning anxiety is horrible. Notice quite a few others that post the same comments, symptoms, then go on to say that as the day slowly closes, they feel better, and anxiety eases off. I want to share that for myself, I really believe I feel this because the day is ending, all the scary thoughts and anxiety can be laid to rest, at least for awhile, and IF your able to fall asleep. The morning dread is knowing that the vicious daily circle is about to repeat itself..does this make sense to anyone? Would love to hear others comments...thanks.


Thanks Glenda...the exclamation marks say it all...

So true. Night times can make me feel almost cured. Of course until my mind wakes up the next morning. Take solice in the peace when you get it. I have been having an awful 3 weeks since losing my job. Everything spiraled downhill for me mentally. I am currently in Montreal for a job interview tomorrow morning. I cannot believe the guts I have to have made it through this most difficult time of my life, to leave my home and get on a plane while battling through this. Please dont even venture to think... ah he doesn't have it too bad if he's able to leave the house and get on a plane by himself. I tell you now and promise you, it was shear torture. Something or someone is getting me through. This morning before traveling I didn't even have it in me to get out of bed and take my son to his bus stop. We need to force ourselves to fight through. Sometimes we need motivation of others. As Sir winston churchill stated... "when going through hell.... keep going." surround yourself with those that understand and can help. May your mind settle and allow you many more moments of relief and longer lasting. #positivethoughtsgoingyourway

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