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Does anyone else have this issue?


Does anyone have this issue where after they eat junk food they get really anxious and feel awful after? Like headaches and teeth grinding? It isnt really like sweets or anything like that, but more like flavored chips. Yesterday I ate a little bag of those Cheddar Sour Cream ruffles and I took a long nap after and I when I woke up I felt awful. I had really bad heart burn and it just wasnt a good time. i fell asleep last night still feeling gross and I woke up this morning still feeling gross and really anxious. As well as a headache. Do flavored chips just make anxiety worse?

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Eating salty chips raises blood pressure that is predisposed from co- occuring anxiety especially if you r hypertensive. But what u are mentioning is not simply bcoz of chips,it is due to stress u r facing.I would advise you to stop eating junk and take good nutritious diet.

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So i could be hypertensive?

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Yes ,you can check your blood pressure

I think it's from all of the MSG that's in it. I too have felt sick after eating Doritos.

Thats what my mom said. I have a bit of an MSG sensitivity as well

Yes I do its the msg that in that brand of chips

Anything with msg can make you fill horrible

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