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Does anyone else have this

Yesterday i had a really bad day dizzy ect but all day i felt shaky inside all tremberly even my partner asked are you shaking but its weird coz i feel it inside but i dont actually feel like my body on the outside is actually shaking does anybody else get this

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Yes I have this at times.

It is just another symptom of dreaded anxiety.

Just practice the deep breathing and keep calm. Remember to keep in mind that it is anxiety and it will pass. Don't dwell on it.... Ignore it... You will be ok.

Take care x


Thank you how long can it last coz its started yesterday morning and still here


There is no given time Hun, just try to ignore it and keep you self busy. The more you dwell on it the more it will take hold.

Don't know if I've told you about Mindfulness.... Check out the website Headspace:) xxx


Oki thank u x


No problem Hun .... Be strong.... You can do it:) xx


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